Wednesday, 31 March 2010

2 Current bike

This is the current Tenere whilst on a trip to the Alps in 2008.

A full report of this trip can be seen at:-

Monday, 29 March 2010

1 First Post

OK, first goes....

This blog is a diary of Ray & Karen Hall's retirement. We are both ex police officers (me almost) and have decided to slowly travel around the world using a Motorhome and a new Yamaha motorcycle.

The basic plan is:-

1) Get the motorhome and rent the house out.
2) Get the bike, travel throughout UK and then Europe with the bike hanging off the back. We will be using the MH as a base and touring around on the bike.
3) Ship the whole lot to North America and then travel through the USA and Canada. Then park the MH up and do Alaska and the arctic circle on the bike.
4) Move the whole lot to New Mexico or Texas and park the MH up again and ride the bike around South America including Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador,Peru, chile, Argentina (taking in Tierra del Fuego) and then possibly Brazil.
5) Ride back to the US and bring the whole shooting match back home. Park the MH up (again) and the attack the rest of the globe on the bike.

We are deliberately keeping the plan as loose as possible and it may not all come off but we will not know until we try.

Karen retired 2 weeks ago and I still have 3 weeks to go - all paid leave...he he he.

We have orderd the bike, a Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere and expect to get it on or about 22nd June 10. The bike is a brand new model aimed to compete with the established BMW R1200GSA (which we currently have but do not like and will be selling). We also have a 2 year old XT660Z Tenere which will be part exchanged for the new bike.

We pick up the motorhome, a Fiat based Frankia A840BD on Good Friday.
It is a huge 8.4m long vehicle with 4 permenant beds, a large lounge (ideal for socilaizing) and a huge garage. It is 2 years old and the original owner fully kitted it out including a generator, automatic satellite TV and a full awning to mention just a few of the accessories.

We will be taking it straight to a campsite for the the first night taking my daughter Trula and my granddaughter Paige with us. This is deliberate as a "shake down" to see if everthing is working or not so we can take it back if need be.

Piccy to follow when I figure out how to do it.