Friday, 16 March 2012

103 The Long wait in UK

13th Dec
We managed to find a Vet in Aachen who gave Leon the treatments he needed to go back to the UK. Again the language skills came in handy. We booked the ferry the next morning we set off for Dunkirk and found our next hotel for the obligatory overnight stop to allow the vets treatments to take effect.

15th Dec
We set off for the ferry and once their got on the boat and chilled out. On getting off at Dover we were pulled over by a woman from DEFRA regarding the cat as we had a big sticker in the window advertising that we had an animal on board. She told us that as from the end of Dec we were no longer required to get the cat treated - nice. Anyway, when we arrived at the only hotel in the Harlow  area that would take the cat it transpired to be the local DSS doss house and we were surrounded by mongs and losers on drugs etc. It was lovely - not. Karen took one look at the sheets and said, "right Raymondo, get the sleeping bags out of the Landy". It was a complete tip but we were struggling for somewhere to sleep for the next 3 nights.

18 Dec
We moved in with Naomi for 3 nights and were grateful for the change of scenery and a clean bed to sleep in. Whilst there I was waiting to be called to court to speak with the CPS as they had requested. Needless to say they did not bother. I was glad we came back early - not. Karen had the idea of buying an old caravan to sleep in whilst we were in the UK so we scoured the internet and found one near reading which we went to view and paid a deposit on it.

21 Dec
We were now on our way to Scotland via Bruce's place in Wales. His house is very small so we slept in his caravan. It was bliss to be sleeping back outdoors again.

Leon keeping us safe from the local (!) wildlife.

22 Dec
Up at the farm in Scotland for a week of quiet relaxation over Christmas. It was a very chilled out week after the madness and mayhem of the last few weeks. Thanks Mum and Sandy.

29 Dec
We drove back down to Reading and collected and paid for the Caravan and then towed it up to Herford camp site where we used it for the foreseeable future.

31 Dec
We had asked Trula to organise a New years eve party that we would pay for (having nowhere to hold it ourselves) and she did up proud and a good long night was had by all. All the family were there, including Courtney, who we had not seen for over a year. Rosie however had unfortunately made prior plans.

I had a day out with the boys on the dirt trails. I only fell off twice - brilliant.

2 Jan
Our house agent phoned us up to tell us that our tenant, that had 2 weeks previous asked to renew his contract, would be moving out on Feb 2nd - nice.

No comment needed

9 Jan
To save a warrant being issued for my arrest I decided it would be prudent to don my suit that had shrunk significantly since last being worn and set off to Court on the south bank to justify my previous existence whist being in the police. I strolled down there and was asked a lot of of stupid questions over and over again for two days. Lvlerly. On the bright side, I got to see Abi, my old working partner and it was good (actually bad !) to catch up on what was happening in the world of PC Plod.

We spent the next couple of weeks getting the Landy serviced and some much needed components replaced and looking for some furniture for us to use in our home for when the tenant moved out.

I took Paige for a spin on the beast. Next day she bragged to her mates that she had been over the ton on a bike ;-)
27 Jan
A good night out in Crouch end at a retirement party.  Marrietta Martin, a former colleague of Karen's, who is also a follower on this site has finally put two fingers up to her boss and intends to spend a great deal of the rest of her life in a 'where eagles dare' style apartment, perched on the top of a hill  overlooking the Med in La Manga where we spent several months last year. Lucky girl and good luck in your lazy days.

3 Feb
We moved back into our house and although at first sight it all looked OK, there were many things that needed attention and although most were just fair wear and tear, some were just neglect. The grass had been totally neglected and we had to re seed about half the lawn. The tailor made curtains had been removed and some were missing. One of the toilets was encrusted with yellow lime scale - nice.

1 Mar
I attended the funeral of an old aunt with my sister. Auntie Jean was my mums brothers wife. She looked after me for a long time whilst my belated mum was in hospital. Sadly I had not seen her for about 30 years.

We were due to attend a small birthday party (meal) for Karen's Mum, Margo, on the 6th and on the 4th we were informed about a good friend that had died in the Isle of Man, Derek Taylor. We went to Scotland and had the meal on the 6th. After the meal we went back to the farm and then got straight in the Landy and drove to the port for the overnight ferry to the IOM for a funeral on the 7th.

We stayed until the 9th and then got the ferry back to the mainland and drove back to the farm for 2 days, eventually having to get back home to show the house out to prospective tenants on the Sunday evening, the 11th. We were knackered.   

She will pay for this - trust me...

15  Feb
Today we had it confirmed that we have a prospective tenant subject to paperwork and credit checks. We wait for the result of that.