Tuesday, 9 November 2010

29 The campsite.

The campsite we are on is not like anthing most of us are familiar with. It is enormous. It is a full kilometer long and 300m wide.

About half the camp has permenant sites, not like mobile homes we have in UK but more like permenant bedouin encampments. Some are mobile homes that have been extended to resemble bungalows and others are brick built stuctures that have had bits added or have one peice corrugated iron roofs place over the whole plot (usually 10m x 10m). They are owned by people from all over Europe from Finland to Spain and all points in between. We are currently surrounded by 2 Brits, an Austrian and a Dutch.
Campsite or village - who knows ?

The site has its own supermarket, not just a shop, but a small version of Tescos, like a "metro". It also boasts an internet room, a church and a dog wash - yes - a dog wash.
It also has a bar/restaurant, 2 swimming pools, inside and outside, a gym, numerous squash, tennis and table tennis courts. 
"LAVAMASCOTAS" = wash pets - bizzarre !

Ya wanna tap my keys honey ?

How many campsites can cleanse your soul

You can even partake in the line dancing - it thats what floats your boat.

Is it me, or does the woman in blue on the left look like photo negative ?

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