Tuesday, 4 January 2011

32 Lag Farm, Scotland

Once at the farm we were made very welcome by Margo, Sandy and the three border collies. We settled in very quickly with Margo force feeding us every 10 munutes or so (only joking Mum). Karens brother John and his partner Tim were there having driven up from London a few days earlier.

The farm and surrounding countryside were beautiful in the crisp white snow.

Crystal beauty
Ice where the water crosses - the access hill was like this
The farm looking towards the ford

The ford at the edge of the farm was completely frozen to a depth of about 6". We had driven Lizzy over this on arrival.
The ford at the edge of the farm

The river up from the ford

The Routin bridge referred to in the previous post.
The Routin Bridge - ice fall underneath

The ice from on top of the bridge
Karen, the quad and the dogs - it'll end in tears...
Told you so...

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