Monday, 16 May 2011

59 Germany

Sunday 15th continued
After the rain eventually stopped the rest of the day was ruined for any touring so I decided to give Wallace a bath. On top of that we were very concerned about Leon. As far as we knew, he had not had any water for 2 days so we looked in the medical bag and found a small syringe. We then drew up water from a cup and slowly “injected” water into his mouth. It was a bit of a fight but it needed doing. He can go without food for a while but not water.

Monday 16th
Leon was a lot better today. Still a bit wobbly on his feet but now drinking water on his own (probably fed up with having a syringe shoved past his teeth!).  Needless to say Karen was a lot happier too and celebrated by doing the washing.
When all that was over we went for a short ride and ended up at the highest waterfall in Germany at a place called Todtnau. We were expecting a bit more but it was still very pretty.
Karen scaring the locals.
These carvings were scattered around the woods
Oooo look a waterfall....  Trula this one is for you.

This shrine was on the path to the waterfall. Germany is very religious and these things are everwhere.
Then it was back on Wallace and back to visit the village of Titisee which was typically South German and beautiful. 
Titisee itself.

There we did the obligatory fridge magnet hunt, bought some daft souvenirs (not me you understand) and I ended up chewing on a Currywurst for dinner. This of course was on top of the one I had for lunch at the campsite. I see it as a personal mission to eat as many as possible before we leave Germany.    (There are two in the fridge, under lock and key, in glass cabinet saying “In case of emergency, break glass”, for his cravings you understand!!!!!)
Ray has obviously been here before
Don’t mention the War
Love comes in many forms

It was then back to the campsite and load Wallace onto the trailer for the long haul to Disneyland Paris in the morning. We have changed our plans again and have decided to miss out the Nuebergring and head straight for Paris and hence get back to the UK a bit earlier.

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