Sunday, 27 November 2011

96 Dubrovnik

Sunday 27th Nov.
We are staying at the hotel Lero. It is another hotel that looks 4/5 star but is only 3....nice.
We arose slowly and set out for the Old Town at about noon. The hotel receptionist lied about the distance but what the hell. It was a glorious day and we were down to our T shirts.
On arrival, the Old Town, the bit within the city wall,  was amazing. The whole place was a living monument (again) with people still living in it and placing the usual quota of washing from the balconies.
I like ice cream..can you tell

One of the narrow back streets

Another back street leading to a square with street restaurants etc.

It was spotlessly clean and the streets looked wet but were actually polished by foot traffic. The whole place was laid out in a lattice work of streets and every corner had a new surprise of some sort of conventional retail outlet, bar or restaurant. Just as you would in any town but built into a medeaval fort. On top of this were several differnt types of church depending upon the religeous belief if the builder. We attended two and the insides were magnificent. One was a cathederal and the other a monastery.
The Cathederal

Inside was incredible

More of the Cathederal inside.

We also popped into our other place of homage, a bar. This one was outside the wall through an iron gate overlooking the sea. It was very hot. The hottest we have had so far and it was almost December. 
Paying homage to Baccus, the God of wine

Struggling to see due to ....

The polished main street.

Inside the Monastery....WOW

We decided to catch the cable car up to the top of the mountain to the back of Dubrovnic and watch the sunset.
A high view of the coast from the top of the cable car.

Looking down on Dubrovnik

Daft old git soaking up the sun.

Looking North. The photos do not do this place justice.

4:16 pm....Going ...Going...

Once down again we sought out a restaurant and found a very quaint little place with only 4 tables. We ordered a Croation dish of veal in batter, it was a bit like posh sausage rolls.

After dinner we found another bar and decided to do as the locals do and had coffee....Oh and a brandy...Doh!
We then decided that we were too old for the night life and decided bed was our next port of call.
Waiting for dinner in a Croation restaurant.
On the way out of the city there is a real drawbridge with chains and counterballance weights.
The main street in the city at night

The drawbridge and counter weights.

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