Monday, 5 December 2011

100 More Black Forest

Monday 5th Dec.
Overnight there was a massive storm (or so Karen tells me - I slept through it all - as usual) and in the morning it was still raining. 
We spent the morning sorting out the final drying of the hand washing we had done the night before as well as having a slow start to the day.
At around 12 we set off for Offenbach, a large town near the French border. On the way we passed Schloss Ortenberg, just outside Offenbach.
Scloss Ortenberg

In town there was the usual Wheinachtsfest going on but is was nothing too impressive (but at least it was not raining). I bought myself a new hat, that resembled a wild boar.
Karen says I am being pig headed. I of course could not possibly comment.
Witches - or Hexenfrauen - feature prominently around here. The one top right is on her broom stick.

At about 3pm we drove halfway back to the hotel and visited a village called Gengenbach, which is apparently famous for its Pre Christmas festivities.
What a fantastic place. The Rathaus (town hall) has 24 windows so they use the building as an advent callender and open one numbered window each day from 1-24 December each day at 6pm. We arrived at about 4pm and wandered around till the ceremony started at 5:30.
A close look and you will see 5 windows with pictues nd the 6th (4th from the left on 1st floor) is awaiting to be opened.

The town was beautiful. Like a scene from a fairy tale.
There were statues all over the place.

First there was a school band playing on thre stage with young children narrating to the audience what was to be played next etc. 

The childrens orchestra. You would never see this in the UK.
Then there was a play of some sort involving the children and although we did not fully understand it it appeared that there was some sort of scenario where the bad guy was going to blow up the Rathaus and the kids thwarted him. Somewhere along the line the gollywog was introduced. Anyway, on the end a ghost saved the day and opened the 6th window, behind which was another ghost in a prison cell !
The play including the gollywog.

The ghost that saved the day.

.....and the 6th advent window being opened,

Anyway a good time was had by all and copiuos amounts of Gluewein were drunk and the atmosphere was fantastic.
This gluewein is good.....the hats are better. Do you like Karen's reindeer earmuffs.
 Then is was off to bed for a early night reading and posting this blog.

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  1. lol im loving the hats guys and Mums Reindeers lol i am soooo jealous!! it looks like a great place to go for Xmas. Make sure you bring some of that festive cheer back with you lol x x