Wednesday, 16 January 2013

130 New caravan and to Scotland

Mon 7th to Wed 16th Jan 2013
I took Wallace bike into a tuning firm in Great Dunmow to sort out the fuel system. There was nothing wrong with it but they are delivered to emission specifications that make them not smooth ride at low revs. It makes driving 2 up and in traffic a lot easier.
We were thinking of buying a larger caravan with a fixed bed in and it just so happened that Bob and Liz had one that had been sitting in their garden for a couple of years. It was a bit tatty with some accidental damage at the front and side but the inside was like new so we decided to think about it.
We had a night out with Rosie and her new (ish) boyfriend, Jake. He is an estate agent (don't laugh) and works in an office next door to my sister in sawbridgeworth. He seems to be a really nice guy with a good sense of humour and a pleasant manner. We like him...well done Rosie, just don't tell him, we can't afford a house. We drove up to a bikers clothing shop near Saffron Walden to look at some bike gear for the Americas. Bloody hell it was expensive but Karen liked it ! I rode to another shop in Hemel Hempstead to look at bike luggage systems and came away with a brilliant little video camera, a GoPro. It's the one used by all stunt teams, skiers, canoeists, Top Gear and anyone into sports. It is brilliant. It can be controlled using our mobile phone via a WiFi link. We set it up on Karen's Bird table and videoed the squirrels feeding from a distance of only 5".

Here is a sample. We are gonna have some fun with this. (The quality of this clip is very low as the internet link is slow here (Scotland) and the system would not cope with a hi res version. Later clips will be better.)

We decided to buy Bob and Liz's caravan so we started packing up on Friday the 11th and moved out of Hertford camp site with the old the caravan and drove on to Bob and Liz's on Saturday morning.
Bob had pulled the new caravan out of it's storage position and onto a hardstanding where we pulled our old van alongside and were able to move stuff between them easily. I use easily in the loosest possible sense. It took 2 days.
On the Monday morning (the 14th) we set off with the old caravan in the direction of Scotland. However, we were only going to tow it to Wolverhampton where Bruce was to take it on and move it to his place in mid Wales. We arrived in Scotland at about 8pm to a warm welcome at Mum and Sandy's new bungalow, about 5 miles from where the old one was. The place is beautiful but does have some flaws, like the cupboards are too high for Margo to reach and there is no light in the main corridor. Aside from that it is lovely.

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