Friday, 7 May 2010

3 The Journey begins

OK, second post:

We would like to send a huge thank you to all the people that attended our leaving do and to all those that contributed to our collection.We had a fantastic time and I think all those that attended did too.
Our extended thanks to the Volunteer Pub who provided great food and a great atmosphere.

We now have the motorhome and it is fantastic. Its bl00dy huge and has taken a bit of getting used too. Driving it due to the size and the fact that some idiot put the steering wheel on the wrong side,  
made life difficult for two highly trained drivers.  We took it up to Mildenhall (a campsite) and we tested it on a site first with electricity and then without (to test the generator etc) and it all performed flawlessly although we didn't. There was a lot of giggles trying to put up the room that fixes to the awning, I decided that the best thing was to cook food, and let everybody else dangle from ladders and learn new swear words, it turned out well, and we came away thinking we'd got it sussed.

 Our next trip was to Peterborough to the Motor Home Show to equip our vehicle.  We stayed in the un booked section and were with some lovely people.  Unfortunately we became victims of crime when our pedal cycles were stolen.  They had been  chained to  the back of the motor home, and all we had left was the padlock, thanks guys......
While I can, I'd like to bitch about insurance companies, because I've paid top dollar all my life without making a claim, and they are treating us outragiously, for less than even a years payment would be, they won't accept we owned our bikes,but don't get me started.....

Anyway, back to the real world, the next few weeks had been taken up with selling off all our possessions , trying to do it within a dead line and also rent out our house, however in the space of  three days we have achieved alot, with the help of a few very special people.  My lovely little hair drying car, Ray's motor bike have been sold and the house has been rented.

We are in the finishing touches and looking forward to being at our friend's house on Saturday, then we are just finishing off for our first trip to the Isle of Man  for the TT races......Photos and blog to follow from then.


What Karen did not mention was the free for all with my kids. We invited them round last Saturday to claim any goods and chattels that they wanted. The rules were: almost everthing was up for grabs and we would tell them if it wasn't, any disputes were adjudicated by us and were final.
In the end the only thing that caused any dispute was a lava lamp !
 Next Saturday we will be hiring a luton van and delivering our worldly goods to the sprogs.

The cat has been of some concern too, he has been sick a lot lately and is currently under the vet, last week, right on cue, whilst we were showing a prospective renter around, as we walked into the main bedroom the cat started doing the fur ball act from Shrek - luverly !
Yesterday whilst I was doing the paperwork with the buyer of my BMW, the cat promptly peed over the exhaust. When we went out and started it up the stench was incredible - how embarrassed was I ?
We still love  him (well Karen does anyway).
The BMW, funnily enough was sold to a lawyer who works on immigration. When I asked him what side of the fence he was on he replied "what side do you want me to be on".



  1. hi ray we have karens phone here so you come at get it tomorrow if you wish