Sunday, 23 May 2010

4 A bonkers week

Sunday 23 May 2010 - Ray
A bonkers week where on Saturday, 15th we had the kids around and managed to dispose of all of our possessions that we did not want. Then the clean out started of all our old papers and bits and pieces (Junk ) that we had collected over the years. What a horrible job and we were knackered. On top of this we had to take the motorhome back to the dealer to get a few small bits done. Some were and some weren't. We still did not have the larger garage door that we had orderd on January. I think we were being messed about by incompetents - or it may be: we have your money now and do not care what happens from here on in.
On Tuesday the trailer arrived by Parcel Force and I spent the afternoon learning how to assemble and dis-assemble it. I couldn't even check the lights without the MH.
We finally collected the MH on Thursday evening and on the way home stopped at Halfords, Enfield, to collect our two new pushbikes, having bullied the insurance company into paying out for them. Once home it was a mad panic to get everything sorted out and the motorhome loaded up.
The next day I drove the Fiesta to Southend and collected Steve Wakeling, a ski buddy, to take him with us to Scotland and then on to the Isle of Man. He is well known with the in-laws already having been to the farm previously. He also helped with the final loading - he has got to earn his keep.
We finally managed to escape from the house on Friday at about noon but all was not over. We had tried to get the MH dealer to fit a roof ladder and in the end all they managed to do was draw pencil marks all over the rear panel. We had to go to B & Q and buy a decorating ladder ! (this was to access the roof and assist in putting the attached tent type thing around it.
Next we had to go and drop of our Ford Fiesta at Rosie's (my daughter) flat in Bishops Stortford. This done we drove the 1/2 mile to the M11 only to find it closed. Fortunately while we were inching 36 feet of MH and trailer around the motorway roundabout it suddenly cleared and we were off.  It was now 2:30pm.

We set off with TomTom telling us we had 350 miles to go. It was a long and tedious journey with a lot of traffic, when it was clear I did not drive over 55. At this speed I managed to get about 25mpg but it still cost about £80 in fuel. We did have a giggle at the M6 toll road, the attendant could not see the trailer and Steve just shoved £20 quid at her without saying anything. she gave us £10 change and we drove off. Saved a fiver there and it made me feel a bit better. Childish and petty but we enjoyed it.
We finally arrived at the in-laws farm in Dumfries at 10:30pm and it was all but pitch black. Driving the last few hundred yards along tiny roads was scary but we only scooped up some turf with the trailer with no damage done. Piccy shows the farm house that Sandy - my father in-law built himself.

Finally a picture of the beast with the current Yamaha 660 Tenere hanging off the back. The MH was probably completely overloaded with all our remaining goods and chattels that are now stored in the farm house. The next problem we had was unloading which we left till Saturday and Steve provided the muscle while I dictated operations ;-).
Once the MH garage was clear we then had to load it up again with the Yamaha, the collapsed trailer and the 2 new pushbikes and the canoe.

It was a bit of a squeeze getting the bike in as the handle bars are over wide (being a dirt bike) but with a lot of huffing and puffing we finally managed it. (we did have a ramp).
Funny thing is that the bike itself is too tall to fit in so I took the from wheel off. This makes it difficult to move in tight spaces to I replaced the wheel with a caravan jockey wheel. It worked - just.
 Now for a relaxing 36 hours before the 120 mile ride back to Heysham for the IOM ferry at 2:15am on Monday.
Time to get Sandy's quad bike out for some fun.....

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