Sunday, 20 March 2011

43 Naples Pt 2 Versuvius

Saturday 19th March 2011
The weather had improved quite a bit today so we decided to visit Versuvius. We popped to the local supermarket first and stocked up on beer and food (in order of priority of course).

We then jumped on Wallace, programed the sat nav for a parking area near the top of the Volcano and we set off. After a near murderous drive through the suberbs of Naples we were taken by the sat nav towards a bridge over the motorway that had been removed some time ago. A quick U turn and a reprogram and the sat nav took us to the national park that contains the volcano. As we got into the park there was a beautiful pair of 8 foot hight green painted steel gates blocking our way. The road was closed. Thanks again sat nav. Another reprogram to take us to the same place but arpound the other side of the volcano and we were off again.
We eventually arrived at the car park having met a car comiing the other direction at each hairpin bend. OK OK it was not so bad on the bike.
We paid our parking and volcano access dues and set off up the cinder cone of Versuvious.
The track up was steep

A lava flow over softer ash/pumice

Knackered old git with outer caldera (volcanic ring) in the background.

Nearly there and the wind is up.

In the middle is the ruins of Pompeii and Lizzy

It aint dead yet

The crater/chimney was too big to photograph.

The bay of Naples

They drive cars (fiat pandas) up here

A beer on the way down

Sunset over the bay

How wierd is this lava

More lava flows

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