Saturday, 12 March 2011

39 Rome Part 2

Something we forgot to add for Tuesday 8th,
Karen spotted this and had to snap a photo:
It is not only the Irish Pubs everywhere!

Friday 11th March
I spent a few hours trying to revive the sat/vid unit to no avail so we decided to go and look at new stereo CD players. We were only interested in cheap ones as we only wanted a simple CD and Radio. We found the Italian equivalent of Halfords and ended up buying a Kenwood system for about £80. Karen can even play her iPod through it - anything to make the Lady happy. We drove back along the beach road and found a small bar and sat supping beer in the sun on the beach. First of 2011...yippee.

This is living in March
On the way home we went to get some shopping. We needed washing up liquid but decided not to use this brand...can you guess why.
We were not sure what this used as a base !!!

Saturday 12th March
The morning was spent fitting the new stereo unit. Normally a simple task but unfortunately, the existing unit was wired into Lizzy like an alien with tentacles that went throughout the motorhome. The amount of expensive components and wiring was incredible. It took 3 hours to remove the old unit and about 20 minutes to fit the new one.
In the afternoon, I dug out the pushbikes and we went for a ride. Initially we decided to go along the beach but ended up in the middle of a military area so decided to go into the national park adjacent to our campsite. In the middle was an ancient Roman ruin. A residence called "Villa de Plinio" and includes 3 baths (roman style of course) in various temperatures.

Mosaic on the edge of the "baths" area.
The main coutyard area.
Servants quarters - apparently.
I found this thing wandering around in the grass. It was about 40mm long.

Some sort of stag beetle. I like creepy crawlies.

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