Friday, 29 April 2011

55 Germany Pt 1

Saturday 23rd
We have decided to stay here until after Easter, we know that the site we wanted to stay at in Germany is full until then, so after a relatively quiet day, we headed back into Prague for what was described as a traditional folk evening.  We met up with our transport and were taken to one of the villages outside Prague and to a typical Czech restaurant.  There was 9 of us on our bus and at the restaurant, there was only one other couple. A total of 11, we were outnumbered by the staff.
We were treated to a three piece band and 2 dancers, who performed throughout the meal, which was quite tasty and laced with garlic.   
"Take That" - Czech style

If you look closely, you will see that the right foot is actually nailed to the floor.

We both enjoyed it, helped by the fact that the wine and beer were free and that an Australian couple, originally from China were sat with us and we had a guessing game about what the dancers would be wearing.  
And then despite prior protestations, I was captured.

 We were even dropped off back at the campsite rather than have to face the night train.
Sunday 24th
The weather was again beautiful and we went for a ride on Wallace.  We visited another glass factory, this one made coloured glass and we were able to watch them do this close up and personal.  We then went into Prague again and went in search of a fountain that “danced” to music, and when we found it, it was switched off and being worked on, there was however a fair so we had a walk around and then headed for home.
Tuesday 26th
After getting everything ready yesterday, we set off for Germany. We were headed to Stadsteinach which is a peaceful camp site on the southern edge of the Frankenwald forest.  We got caught out once on the journey when we followed the signs for a particular town, only for the road to be closed.  We had to unhook the trailer and do a 50 point turn in the road, that was only about a meter wider than our vehicle is long.  That was fun.  Anyway we made it without further problems and got settled in.  We are here mainly to visit the Frankia dealer and get a couple of bits and pieces for the mobile home and for Ray to feast on Curry wurst.  It was also wet, haven’t had a thunder storm for a while.
This is the famed "Currywurst mit Pommes frites".

Wednesday 27th
Today was wash day and Ray went to visit Frankia.  On his return, we walked down into the town and found a supermarket and also had to partake in a light lunch of curry wurst. The weather today was dry this morning and throughout our walk, but it started raining again later on. 
There is a really nice restaurant on site so both evenings we have gone there, yesterday we met up with a german couple, the wife could speak a little english, the husband none, but between us we all managed to have a conversation for about an hour and even tell jokes.  It was a pleasant way to spend the evening.  Today we were there to use the internet, well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  The food and beer are very good too.  Ray had to return to Frankia in the afternoon and now tomorrow we have to take the mobile home to them so that they can match up one of the parts.

Thursday 28th

We upped sticks, for a short time and got the bits ready for replacing on Lizzie and collected them from Frankia.  Shopping at the supermarket, so that we could sit in peace and nibbles for the royal wedding tomorrow.

Friday 29th

We were up early to catch all the build up for the wedding. Ray printed off several Union Jacks and we stuck them around Lizzie. It’s a bit surreal, middle of Germay, no other Brits about, singing the national anthem and drinking beer, both of us welling up, and feeling really patriotic.  Loved it.  
Yes, I know they are little, but at least we tried.

We then came to the bar, ordered Champagne, fizzy sweet wine was on the menu, and when Ray tried to toast the happy couple, we were looked at kind of funny, never mind, we are getting used to it now.


  1. HOORAH !! glad to hear your keeping the British end up on your travels and celebrating the wedding. Found your website after i'd read Rays review on your super ten in Adv Bike Rider magazine- i have to say, i'm very jealous of you both. You both look to be having a great time, the pics are brilliant. I'm slowly working backwards through your blogs. Keep in touch, you may be my excuse to drag the big KTM out and my tent to see you somewhere before you go across the pond. Jon

  2. Jon, read your e-mail at work. Ray

  3. Love the flags how ever small there still mitey lol