Friday, 8 April 2011

48 Venice

Thursday 7th

We are staying on a campsite in Jesolo, the campsite is called Parco Capraro. It was quite empty when we arrived, and like everything else we have come across, most of it is shut.  Apparently the season does not start until the 20th of April.  However it is quite pleasant and more importantly, Leon has explored it and given his seal of approval.

After  a bit of a slow start, we headed for a bus to take us to the port and then a boat to Venice.  We caught the bus from just outside the site and were under the impression that we had to change buses to finally get to the port, but when we went to get off at the bus terminus, the driver stopped us and told us to stay on this one, he changed the number on the front and then took us to the port.  Our bus ticket covered the boat ride and return fare as well, it was 18 euro's each.  A thirty minute crossing and we took our first steps in Venice.

Approaching Venice

One of the sea entrances

We wandered around Piazza San Marco, and tried to get into the Basilica di S. Marco, but Ray wasn't allowed in as he was carrying a ruck sack, we couldn't find anywhere to store it so decided we had seen inside enough Church's anyway.
the Basilica di S. Marco

Piazza St Marco

Ray catching the rays

Pink shading

A spot of lunch and then we walked around all the little back alleys and  winding back streets for a couple of hours, it really is a fabulous place, and so old. Yet, in amongst all the oldie worldie buildings, there are all the big designer named stores, you know the ones that don't show the prices.

one of the narrow streets

This is a trolls view

We passed by them quickly, but I did manage to get myself a leather handbag and some glass ornaments.

I had been to Venice as a child with my parents and had memories of it, one of them being that I would really liked to have gone in a Gondola, it was not practicable back then and today we asked the price and it was 80 euros, I don't know how long it was for, but it seemed to be a similar price for two people or six, needless to say, I have still not been in a gondola.  We were offered a helicopter ride over Venice for 39 euros, by my reconing we might just have got off the ground for that price.  My memories are all a bit rose coloured as well, because I don't remember seeing the gondoliers steering the boats with fags in their mouths or on the phone, seems it doesn't apply just to vehicles.
Rush hour in Venice

another bridge

The weather has been really very warm, and we finished off the afternoon with a beer in the sunshine, people watching and turning a very fetchhing shade of pink.

Dunno if there ia a bloke or a bird under here but it was hot, the weather that is

Bridge of Sighs
We were a bit disappointed with the amount of  refurbishment going on. Whilst we appreciate it has to be done. It seems it is all happening at once.

 After an uneventful journey back to the campsite, we noticed that it had filled up quite a bit, but we got down to readying ourselves for tomorrow when we take off again.  We are finally leaving Italy and going to Solvenia, well that's the plan at the moment.

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  1. Arr that place looks amazing. I want to go lol another one for me list of places to visit lol