Monday, 26 September 2011

66 ....69 Degrees, 30 Minutes North

Today we awoke in the hotel to a beautiful morning. With our spirits lifted we packed up quickly, went down for breakfast and then set off.
With better light the photos were better too.

Leaving Bjerkvik

A distal view of Bjerkvik

A war memorial to the Norwegian and allied fight against the Germand in 1940 "The Battle for Narvik"
Karen spotted a sea eagle here so we stopped but the photos of it were useless.

We then visited an arctic zoo where they keep only animals that can survive the harsh winters, on of which is approaching fast. Note the now lack of leaves on the trees in this area.
A baby red deer

A wolverine (about 6 feet long in total)

A brown bear

A lynx

The same baby dear and dad.

An arctic wolf


An arctic fox cub

Time was getting on so we set off again and the scenery is getting more and more raw. Unfortunately the sun has gone in so the piccys get blander.

This brings back memories....

Momories....mostly painfull ones !
We found a campsite at GPS N 69 32 33.6 E 20 32 51.3 and despite looking very basic and rund down, I am sat at a kitchen table writing this, Karen has just cooked mince and potatoes on the campsite cooker and we are now off to bed.

PS the GPS coordinates; if you copy the bit that this time, I have highlighted in red, open Google Earth and then paste them into the "Fly to" part in the top left corner and press the magnifying glass next to it, it will show you the location.

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