Sunday, 25 September 2011

65 A rainy day up north

After finishing writing this blog last night, we decided to eat in the campsite restaurant. We had a simple local dish of beef strips in a local sauce with chips and veg all washed down with a half litre of beer. The taste was great but the bill was bitter - £48. I worked out what the beer would cost if it was a pint... £8.58...Whaaaaat !!!

Anyway, we sat down in Gromit and watched a DVD and then went to bed. The weather was overcast but at least dry(ish).  At about 5am the heavens opened up again and it did not stop raining all day. It was a thoroughly miserable day and we are getting a bit fed up with the rain.
Reminds me of the UK last year and Spain get the picture.
Anyway, being Sunday, Norway was shut for business so we just drove all day through the rain. However, all was not bad. The scenery is getting better and better. Unfortunately the rain did not do the photos any justice but here are some anyway.

We decided to abandon camping for the night and found a hotel in a town called Bjerkvik. They allowed the cat in so all was good. Now, time for a bit of dinner and a long hard think about buying a beer !

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