Sunday, 30 October 2011

85 Caeusescu's Folly

Wooohoo....this was amazing. The road went up to a height of about 6000 feet with bends and twists all the way. The views were spactacular and the trees were still in full autumn splendour. The photos show it all.
Looking back the way we have just driven up

Looking up towards the top of the mountain ridge

The lake is frozen and its still only October

Mrs Hall captured unawares

more of the same

Basic kooking at thentrance to the tunnel at the top.

This is how cold it is up here

Even in the tunnel huge icicles form.
We the started on our way down the other side and the sun shine gought out the coulours.

Even Leon enjoyed the sunshine

A lake halfway down

The same lake

The colours were amazing

My turn to be captured

We saw a lot of this. The locals having BBq's on open fires. It was only a couple of degreesa above freezing

The winding road seemed to go on forever, at least the next hour. We then hit the motorway for the last 100 kms to Bucharest.

And now Bucharest
We have a good internet connection here so hopefully more pics tomorrow.

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