Thursday, 13 October 2011

75 Map of our journeys since retirement

I though it was about time I gave an indication of the route we have taken since retirement. I estimate our total mileage so far to be about 17,500, of which 7,500 are in Gromit.
The white line is the second half of 2010. The green line is the first half of 2011 and the blue is since getting Gromit.

Obviously I have not put in the numerous trips up the M1/M6 between Harlow and Dumfries.


  1. Some journey looking at the map. You guys have some beautiful memories and pictures to show for it too. When are you starting to look where you might settle??? We are off to La Manga on 21st for 1 week trying to complete our Spanish residency. It is still 30 degrees there during the day but a lot cooler at night. Xx