Thursday, 14 November 2013

255 Even more Tortuga Verde

Tuesday 12th November 2013
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Up at 6am for my last session of Yoga. The class were flying back to New York today so the session started at 6:30. It was a lot less painful that usual and I hope Jason, the Yogi does not read this but it was not as intense as the previous sessions (only joking).

I managed to sneak in a photo when they were not looking.

The torture chamber. Not really, it was hard work but I felt good after it.
The Yoga class. All very nice people and seriously fit too. Jason the Yogi, is on the left.

Wednesday 13th November 2013
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This morning I needed to go to the bank. Karen had received a missed call overnight from NatWest fraud services. I went to the bank with both our cards and Karen contacted the bank to see what  the problem was. Apparently her card had been cloned and several unsuccessful  attempts had been made to draw cash out in Ecuador.  I meantime went to the bank, got stopped by the police on the way and asked to produce my documents - no problem there.
At the ATM, my card worked OK but Karen's was eaten by the machine. This is a serious problem.

When I got back to Tortuga Verde, Karen told me what had happened and also that they would not send a new card out except to the registered address. They were quite simply obstructively useless (I'm being polite here). Their only suggestion was to complain in writing to the bank. Oh yes, very helpful that is going to be. Karen has been with this bank since she joined the police and is gutted at their uncaring and dogmatic attitude. Their best shot was for her to transfer all her funds to me and use my card. Grrrrrrr

Later we met up with a lovely couple that we had befriended. Lloyd and Lucy. Lloyd is from Watford, about 10 miles from where we live and Lucy is from the old East German side of Berlin. She speaks almost perfect English and can even keep up with the rapid, dribbling ramblings that issue forth from me.
They met in Venezuela a year ago whilst traveling, hooked up and have been together since.
They are a delightful couple and we are privileged to have met them. We sank many beers late into the night together. Unfortunately for us they are off to Nicaragua the next day. Oddly enough, when we told them we were retired police officers, Lloyd said his sister Cleo and and her husband Lee Frankin are in the Police. Oh really, whereabouts we asked. Wood Green was the reply. They have both been there for about 10 years. What a small world. We retired from that very station 3 years ago.

Lloyd and Lucy. Smiling as usual.

Thursday 14th November 2013
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Overnight about 25 baby turtles were found scrabbling around the beach. The security guard collected them and placed them in the nursing tank.
When we got up also beside the tank was a huge pelican that had in some way injured itself and was being looked after by Tom, the site owner. When it came in it had clearly not eaten for days and was in a sorry state. After 'force' feeding with liquidised fish and water the bird is showing serious sign of improvement.

An improving, but still not well, pelican.

Then came the time to release the turtles. Most people on the site were able to put one turtle each into the waves. It was a lovely experience that as I have said before, you cannot plan or pay for.

If you watch closely you will see the turtles get exited as they approach the water.

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  1. Wow watching that little guy swim away was just amazing, I can only imagine what it must have been little to be there and help them x x