Thursday, 21 November 2013

256 The last of La Tortuga Verde.

Friday 15th to Monday 18th November 2013
Miles Today 0 Miles Total 27,324

We spent these few day having what can only be described as a holiday for us. The place was so  chilled out and serene we just did not want to leave. We had come for a 2 day stay and lasted 11.

One day we walked along the beach to another  'Comedor', a restaurant in the loosest Westerner sense of the word. The local fishermen were in there having lunch.

Fishing boats parked up for lunch.

The cook/waitress came up to us  and said in a sweet voice, in Spanish, "Fish, meat, shrimps or chicken".  We like the basics and chose meat. A fantastic slab of meat turned up with salad and rice. It was nice to get down with the locals and eat simply. 2 simple but tasty meals and 4 beers, $13.

The restaurant on the beach.

A guy who was almost a permanent resident of La Tortuga Verde, Jeff Hansen, had a KTM 950. A very good off road bike with him We decided it woulf be a good idea to do some drag racing on the beach as sunset. I got my butt kicked big time but it was fun.

Drag racing in this sunset. Sadly it was too dark to get good photos of the bikes.
 Later that night when we had been asleep for a couple of hours we were woken by the guard to see another turtle laying its eggs. This time we got some better but still not good photos. It was so dark that the camera struggled to focus.

Karen walking the turtle back to the sea.

An idiot walking the turtle back to the sea.

These are turtle tears. They are secreted by the turtle to keep their eyes clear whist they are digging in the sand.

And now the beauty was free again.
The Pelican was making good progress. Sadly another that was bought in under similar circumstances died a day later.

Tom, the owner and I feeding fish into the reluctant pelican. He came in flat out and is now up, flapping and snapping just like he should do. He should be ready to fly off in a couple of days, sadly we will not be there to see it.

This is Bonnie as Karen named her, a female puppy that sort of adopted us. She was cutie and we hope that the staff at La Tortuga Verde will keep looking after her. Karen was a bit miffed when I said there was no room for her on the bike.
 Big day tomorrow. Two borders and a long drive to Nicaragua.

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