Tuesday, 24 December 2013

266 Isabella Island, Galapagos, Up close and personal.

Monday 23rd December 2013
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After breakfast I spent a while venting my spleen to the bank via e-mail. I find it helps to chill me out if I write my anger down. All part of my personal anger management plan !
Somewhat calmer, we then took a long stroll along the beach and on to the tortoise sanctuary. The pictures we took will speak for themselves with notes where needed.

One of the main features of the Galapagos islands is that the wildlife has virtually no fear of man and as such unless you really get in their way they just sit and look at you as though you are invading their personal space.

Marine Iguana

Medium Ground Finch

The beach

David Bungle with new camera.

Please don't give me the hump.

A juvenile Sally Lightfoot. It is this colour to camouflage itself whilst young from seabirds. 

We think this is a Galapagos Fly Catcher.

Recently hatched Tortoises. Here they call both tortoises and turtles by the same name, Tortuga.

What !!!!

Wake me at feeding time....

This shell is bloody heavy....

Go on my son,       get in there......

The path through the overgrown lava field.

A very sexy looking locust.

Black Necked Stilts with a Flamingo.

Don't touch the handrail.

A Lava Heron.

A Sally Lightfoot crab.

A Ghost Crab. A rare shot. They are very elusive and usually hide in their burrows at the first sign of movement, hence the name.

Pelican for 2 feet away.

Go on honey, you did promise.....

Oh all right then, seeing as it's Christmas.

Kids playing on the beach in a natural rock lagoon.

This bad boy was the as big as medium sized dog.

They just will not move unless you get right in their faces.

So, how many Iguanas are keeping big daddy company in this photo ?. Answer at the bottom of today's post.
Kids entertaining themselves on a home made tight rope. It's just like at home - not.
A beer overlooking the sea.

More tightrope walking as the sun went down.

Evening dinner after sunset.

I am finally calming down.

  So,  How many Iguanas ????

We blew the picture up and put a yellow dot on each ones head that we could find. We think 64 is about right !!!

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