Friday, 27 December 2013

268 Chritmas Day in the Galapagos

Wednesday 25th December 2013
Miles Today 0 Miles Total  30,583

Merry Christmas to all our readers.

We got up a bit later than usual and chilled out till after midday when Julio, the hotel owner took us on a tour of the local islands. As well as being our host he is also an accredited Galapagos tourist guide.

We started out on a boat that took us to a small volcano what was absolutely rammed with  huge iguana. As we approached we came across a family of penguins. The big brown one, oddly enough is the juvenile.

The baby is the big one lying down.

In the water these guys are unbelievably fast.
We then landed on an island and had a specific route to follow. They are very strict as to where they will let you go. Its a good thing really. The island is a breeding ground for marine Iguanas and I know we have posted many picture already but the are such awesome creatures. Whilst we were there, 2 males started fighting over the good looking females and were running around our legs and scrapping as though we were just small trees in the way. The only time they move for you is if you look them in the face from about 12".

On one stretch of beach we saw this baby seal. We think it must have been recently born as it kept falling over. It was goddam cute though.

We then spotted our first adult marine turtle. How gorgeous is this:

This pic just had to go in...

It was then time to snorkeling again.  

A sea Cucumber. About 12" long.
Then Julio, our hotelier and Guide, showed us where he knew a White Tipped Reef Shark would be sleeping so when we were all waiting, he went and woke it up.

Come on dear, show time...Julio, our hotel manager.

It was a harmless shark (needless to say) but only the second time we had seen one under water.

But this for me was the icing on the cake. A Pacific Green Sea Turtle.

Once back on the boat we went walkabout (so to speak) and saw some some of these handsome fellows.

A Blue Footed Booby.
Karen then spotted a Fat Old Git lurking at the back of the boat. Fortunately it was one of the friendly varieties.

An Ugly Fat Git.
Once back on shore it was shower time and out for Christmas dinner. We have been using this place. Principally as it is the only place on the island that takes VISA and as you probably know, due to my overly helpful bank, we are penniless tramps, (Grumble grumble - no - stop that, it's Christmas). Anyway the proprietor was a very nice German guy and the food was good too.

Karen decided as it was Christmas that she would have lobster. Do you think she liked it ?
The answer to that is a resounding yes.
After dinner we popped into this bar to spend some of the last few dollars. We could only afford one !!  (Typical male, we still have a third of our original float left, and we got the washing done).

Iguana Point Bar.

We saw this guy too. A night Heron hunting for Crabs. These birds and animals are just not afraid of humans.

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