Saturday, 4 January 2014

271 New year in the desert.

Tuesday 31st December 2013 Hogmanay
Miles Today  134  Total 32,263
Today was a relatively short and quick day. Getting out of town was a bit of a dodgem style affair.
This was on the side of a bus, translates to "Tourism, Red Eric". Sums up the bus drivers we have come across so far.
130 miles of open desert goes relatively quickly but as there is little scenery change it can get boring. 
Transport in the more remote desert villages.

Then the desert got bleaker.

Sadly, so far, Peru in general is very dirty.

There were lots of these beside the road and its probably due to falling asleep from straight boring roads.

Then it got really deserted.

And proper wind blown crescent shaped sand dunes.
One up front, two inside and even 2 more over the back wheels.
As it was New year, fireworks were being sold everywhere.
...and even by kids.

The town square.

In my last post I mentioned snowmen.....

..and Santa with his sleigh. But still no snow for about 1000 miles around.
 After a wander around and a bite to eat we kinda got bored so bought some beer, went back to the hotel and at midnight all hell broke loose outside. There were so many fireworks that the sky was lit up for about 40 minutes and the almost as quick as it had started, it stopped. It was then to bed.

Wednesday 1st January 2014.
Miles Today 0 Total 32,236
Happy new year to all. It started well for me, I won the Pinch, Punch, first day of the month battle. I am still well behind in the league but a win is a win.
We had a quiet day, watching telly and then we eventually went out for some lunch.  We found another local restaurant and joined the locals out enjoying their New Year dinner.  It was amazing how quiet the streets were after last night.  No vehicles honking their horns, hardly any people laughing and joking and no fire works.  It was like a completely different place.  I have been a bit put off of Peru so far, by all the rubbish that is lying around, and money is being spent to do up the roads and buildings, but there is a lot of poverty around, and a lot of people begging.  We had a meal the other night in a local chicken kitchen, and I didn't finish all of mine.  I looked up and there was a man in  his 30's pointing at the chicken bones on my plate and then indicating his tummy.  Ray gave him the bones through the window, and he ran off with them like he'd just won the lottery, it was quite sad, I'd have happily bought him a meal. 
New years day dinner. £14, not bad eh.

Girlie cops on bikes.

The cathedral

OK...OK...I get it..... You don't take VISA.
Thursday 2nd January 2014
Miles Today 220 Total  32,456

A long and hard ride today. Very little to grab our attention. I quite like the desert landscape but sadly Karen does not share the opinion.

They put up sand fences. They are the same as snow fences and disrupt and slow down the wind flow so the sand drops before it hits the road.

Sadly the haze inhibits good photos.

Stark contrasts bought on by irrigation.

It was very pretty and vast.

The occasional river flowing down from the Andes to our left as we drove south.
We arrived in Chimbote and went out for some dinner. We found a KFC and it was like eating cardboard. We left about half of it.

These characters were all around the market square.

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