Friday, 31 January 2014

279 Back to Bariloche and off to BA

Tuesday 28th Jan 2014
Miles Today 233  Total  38,891
We spent last night at a very pleasant campsite in an town called Esquel that allowed us to have a decent shower and clean up. Also internet access let us post the previous blog. Internet access around here is patchy. Many places only use a satellite link and it is seriously crap and is on and off all the time.

We set off for our final ride in the hire car and ended up back in Bariloche around 1pm. We booked into the same hotel as last time. The difference now is that the place is deserted. The hotel and the streets outside are virtually deserted.
We managed to get our laundry put in at the local 'Lavanderia'. £7 for a full service - nice.
Our main job for the day was to take the car back and rescue Wallace. We drove the 14km to the airport only to find the AVIS kiosk shut till 8:30 pm. We hugged Wallace and promised to be back for him ('her' if Karen reads this) and drove back into town for dinner. 

We eventually dumped the car and the AVIS rep did not bat an eyelid at the mileage or the state of the car. Wallace breathed a sigh of relief when I hit the starter and he was re-united with his family. We drove back into town and started to sort our kit out for the ride towards Buenas Aires tomorrow.

Wednesday 29th Jan 2014
Miles Today 0 Total  38,891
We awoke later than we intended today. I suppose 4 nights sleeping in the front seats of a Chevrolet Corsa had taken their toll on our bodies.
It did not take long for us to decide to stay another day at this hotel. Some would say we were just plain lazy. I would have to agree !
It did give us the opportunity to do some e-mails and research into our departure from South America. We managed to pencil in some flights for us but need to finalise the arrangements for Wallace before we book them. We finished the day off with some shopping and I bought a rather fetching Indiana Jones hat to replace the one I left in the motorhome we rented in California 6 years ago.

Thursday 30th Jan 2014
Miles Today 297 Total  39,188
We had just over 1000 miles to ride to Buenas Aires and 3 days to do it in so being clever we divided the journey roughly into 3. We wanted to do a bit more that 300 miles but there was nowhere to stay after our days stop at  a place called 'General Roca'.
The journey was a nightmare. Our rear tyre is badly worn (but not illegal I hasten to add). A bike tyre starts out round and squares off with wear. This gives some unusual handling on roads that are rutted from big trucks. Add to this the wind that had us riding sideways virtually all day and as you can imagine, it was hard work.
Besides this the scenery was very pleasant and made the trip more enjoyable (when I could look at it). 

We stopped eventually in General Roca and found a smashing little hotel for what we thought was about forty pounds, which overnight changed to 32 pounds.  Argentina's peso is going through a financial crisis, and it is working in our favour at the moment.

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