Friday, 3 September 2010

14 Bournemouth

Friday 3rd September.
We decided to go and visit Bournemouth today. We starttd with the pier (as you do) and had to pay 60p for the pleasure of walking the 60m from start to finish. To say it was an anti-climax was an understatement. Even the pathetic fair at the end was being taken apart. The bar was open though !
Even the Helter Skelter was going Helter Skelter
In all fairness the place had a nice feel about it and in the town the central park area was very picturesque. Despite the poxy pier, the rest was very nice.

We then decided to catch the short chain ferry to Swanage.
Just washed bike on its inorgural ferry crossing - the first of many.

Aside from Swanage being picturesque, the sun was going down and the temperature was starting to drop. A quick beer in as lovely pub.
On the way back to Weymouth, we came accross Corfe Castle.

No one lives here any more.
We then popped into Lulworth Cove, which is a lovely little inlet where the sea has broken through the rock and formed a beutiful little saltwater lake.
The boss and her husband doing the 10 second dash and pose.
 Finally, we spotted this pub sign and could not resist a photo. Wood is Karens maiden name.
Should read "Hall & Wood - Mad House"

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