Tuesday, 14 September 2010

16 Perranporth Cornwall - woohoo

A quick (relatively in a 5 ton motorhome) 4 hour drive landed us in Valhalla. Cornwall is an awesomely beautiful place with rugged rocky coastlines interspersed with beautiful huge sandy beaches and lots of surf.

We were camped about 1/2 mile from Hollywell bay, the next small bay North of Perranporth. We sorted Lizzy (the name we have given to our motorhome, its short for The Queen Elizabeth the 3rd because its the size a of a ship - I am sure I have said this before - do I care - not at all - I'm a pensioner) and made off for the beach.

Old git spoiling the beauty of Hollywell Bay
We decided it would be a good idea to do some handstands, you know, like we all did when we were 12. However we are a bit out of practice but we surely score points for effort....

Mussels and wimps !

Karen pretending to be a barnacle - it'll end in tears.

Told you so......

Mon 13 Sep. The next day the weather had turned windy and overcast. Perfect excuse to go find a pub. We jumped on Wallace and drove to a small spit of land called Pentire Point. As we pulled in we were joined by another couple of bikers who came over to look at Wallace. Me being the show off that I am let them have a sit on it and I even laid it on the grass to show how easy it was to pick up - something that I need to practice anyway as I am sure it will happen a lot in the future. Karen says I'm such a big head ! She is of course right, as always,

The view westwards, the bikers, whoi were also surfers,  came to chack out the surf on this beach.
We noticed a smashing little pub on the other side of the spit with awesome sea views and this on tap...

Ray said "ooh - a beer named after Mick Hucknall", Karen punched Ray !

The view from the pub veranda.
We then rode the 3 miles into Newquay which was a quaint little holiday town slowly closing down after the holiday season and found a Greek restaurant so we partook in the food and justified it as practice for next year when we go there.

Bored with looking at tourist junk shops and T shirt printers - it seems everyone needs a T shirt with their name written under the words "Life Guard", (does that make the beach safer?), we leapt on Wallace and drove to Watergate Bay. By now the clouds were clearing sun was on it's way down

Ray wishing he could surf.

The tide on its way in.

We then decided to visit the bar on the beach (not a difficult decision).
Perfect location for a bar.
The downside of this bar was the cost. BLOODY HELL. £8.45 for a small wine and a glass of fresh orange. Needless to say, we did not stay long.

The last surfers in the sunset. It was darker than the photo shows. We could only just see them with our eyes.

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