Sunday, 19 September 2010

17 More Cornwall

Wed 15 Sep, the weather wasn't so good today so we hung round the site and I fed the ducks that wandered around, it's all excitement here.

Make with the dough luv

The weather did pick up eventually and off we went for another gentle stroll along the cliffs of the beach and headed towards Perranporth.  Originally we were just going to stay on the cliffs, Ray was in is element due to there being an abundance of mushrooms growing wild........and in our unique style, there is a tale to tell of Ray, a mushroom and the motorhome keys.  To take his artistic mushroom photo, Ray decided that to show the real size of the Fungi, that he would put the MH keys beside it, he did his David Bellamy bit and then carried on walking.
closed cap mushroom, abandoned keys!

I suppose we had gone about a quarter of a mile when he suddenly realized that the keys were still keeping the mushroom company, and then had to run all the way back to retrieve them, I was my usual helpful self, raised the eyebrows and kept on walking.
We decided once we'd got to the top and could look down on the 3 miles of golden sand, towards Perranporth that we would carry on,  through the Oyster Catchers and mile after mile of sand, sand buggies being dragged along the beach by kites.( they can reach some speeds).

3 miles of golden sand

Where is that beach?  Turn around, go the other way!

Here it is

Yeah, cool dude!
Oyster catchers, doing what they do best, catch oysters, honest.

Fast route along the beach

At the end of the beech, in Perranporth was another great pub, with tables outside, but the sand was being blown about so much, instead of ice cubes in our drinks we had sand dunes, so being wimps  retreated  inside and enjoyed our drinks.  The next excitement of the day was catching a bus back to the MH.  Neither of us could remember the last time we travelled by bus.  It was very pleasant and very cheap.

Again Thursday started off very dull, and in the afternoon we went for a ride,(on Wallace) to Falmouth and had a wander round the town , quite pretty but not quite as bubbling as Newquay or Perranporth.

Friday we loaded up and moved onto our latest site, Treamble Valley. Unfortunately there is no internet signal or phone signal, but the site in its self is nice.  I drove the MH and Ray led the way on the trusty Wallace, a total of   2 miles.  Once parked up, Leon explored his new surroundings and unfortunately has met his first cat of the journey.  I still can't get to grips with cats who growl like dogs.  Anyway, I'm sure he'll meet worse on our travels.
Sad as it is, we decided that we would get all the house work done, and I got to play with my new toy, a mini washing machine, I never thought I would ever enjoy doing chores, but it is still very novel for me.
However, I managed to get over the feeling and on Saturday we ventured back into Newquay to find somewhere we could use the lap top and do a bit of shopping.  We really struggled with that, and when we did eventually find somewhere, the charge on the laptop ran out, we are good at setting ourselves up.  All was not lost though, we made our phone calls and got in contact with friends and family.

Sunday, after a slow start, well I had to watch the moto GP first, we have updated the blog. Just for a change, we are in the pub, and they have a pub singer.  In a truly romantic moment, he has just sung Wet Wet Wet's song Love is all around. That was the song we had our first dance to at our wedding.  He completely demolished it.

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  1. lol LOVE LOVE LOVE IT, that is soooo dad to leave the keys with a mushroom!?! lol and the pics of him is very "cool dude" lol Sounds like your having great fun with the washing karen :-) ill send mine over lol Love you both x x