Tuesday, 14 September 2010

15 More Weymouth

Sun 05 Sep.  We stayed in Weymouth for longer than expected. We had a few things to sort out mainly domestic stuff added to the fact that we liked the place and I had a dose of "Man Flu", OK a cold, but Karen called it "man Flu".
Karen was also struggling with the washing with there being no laundry facilities at the site we were on (or anything else for that matter - but it was peaceful). As a result of this I was despatched back to Southampton to buy a washing machine, a "Whirlygig" drying frame and a second sattelite dish so Karen could watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix whilst recording the World Superbikes etc at the same time on Sky. You could'nt make it up could you !

So on my return this is what presented itself back at the motor home 4 hours later.

Ray on Wallace with a twin tub washing machine, a drying frame and a portable satellite unit.

Leon Looked a bit bored with the subjct though.

That afternoon Karen was dancing around chirping happily about her new washing machine whilst washing my smalls. She is easly pleased.

Mon 06 Sep. We jumped on Wallace and drove into Weymouth. It is a very pleasant place and we liked it. Lots of good bars and even an arcade that catered for our new fad, racing each other on head to head motorcycle racing simulators - the sort where you sit on the bike and lean it over. We must look like an odd couple, over 100 years between us and still playing arcade games. On that note, I hate to say this but Karen beat me. End of subject !

We ran into the Mad Hatter having tea with some other pasty looking wierdoes.

There were some nice toys in the harbour.

We then drove up onto Portland and looked back on Weymouth, the view and weather were fantastic.

Looking north with 18 miles of shingle beach, namely Chesil Beach, on the left.

In the middle is this....

This is the Royal Engineers holiday camp at Wyke Regis, where I as a young Sapper, learned how to pilot power boats, military tugs and small military ferries.

Later that evening we rode back to Weymouth and whilst demolishing a shandy they decided to open the swing bridge next to the pub.

We stayed for a few more days to allow this silly old sod go get over his "Man Flu" and finally packed up on Saturday night (11th) ready for the 150 mile trip to Perranporth, Cornwall the next morning.

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