Tuesday, 4 June 2013

179 Yellowstone and the Grand Teton...WOW

2nd June 2013 Miles Today 150 Total 6442l

After setting off from Cody we drove the 60 odd miles to the Northeast park entrance. The scenery en-route was so good, when I said to Karen "Only 10 miles to the park" she replied "Wow, I thought we were already in it". I will let the photos speak for themselves with comments where appropriate.

En route

This guy and his daughter were picking up litter. His Mum, Dad and friends from the local snowmobile club were further up the road. This is typically American. Why can't we do this ?

A ridge where the Indians were chased over by the US Cavalry during the winter. It was in vain.

These guys were eating out of kids hands. Chipmunks are just so cute.

The Park entrance.

Karen shooting Bison

This is such a cool shot, A Coyote stalking bison calves.

A bison having a scratch.

Prong horned antelope.

Mountain goat "Kids".

One of the many sulphur (spelt sulfur here !) hot springs.

Bubbling hot mud

Yellow sulphur stains by the boiling pools.

 The Dragons Mouth.....

Yellowstone River canyon falls.

A male Elk

Female Elk
 WE were struggling for somewhere to stay so got stung with one of the park lodges. Our cabin was poor compared to most paces we stayed in for 1/3 of the price.

The bar area of the lodge we stayed in. Note the woman playing the piano.

3rd June 2013 Miles Today  282 Total 6764

We set of from the Lodge on the Lake and in the hut opposite us was an old Bentley that had been bought over from the UK with about 40 others to tour the USA and Canada. The poor chap put 4 gallons of diesel in it before realising his mistake. His excuse is that the fuel pump lines are black for petrol and green for diesel, the opposite to the UK. I could not criticise with my track record.

Been there, done that !

The UK Bentley Club.

We drove slowly South towards an adjacent National Park, The Grand Teton.  On the way there we saw these.

The Grand Teton is basically just a spectacular mountain range. Whilst there I looked over Wallace and found another broken spoke. Having already replaced 4 I now have no spares and we have 400 miles to rode before we can get some more. Fingers crossed !

After a quick loop of this park we headed back into Yellowstone and took these.

Then it was on to Old Faithful, the geyser.

A cup of tea, rocking chair and a view of Old Faithful. What more could a girl want.

Mammoth Hot Springs

More Mountain Goats
We exited the park and set off North for Livingstone where we found a motel just after dark, Oh, and guess what, it was raining again. Tomorrow we are off to Great Falls to the Yamaha dealer for some spokes and an oil change.


  1. Fantastic post today! Thanks for all the great pics. My jealousy of your trip knows no bounds!

  2. It is an amazing place. Thanks for posting.

  3. OMG just amazing thanks mum and dad the pics are breath taking x x

  4. Up to this point I have done all the locations you have been, pretty amazing what you doing. I'm really interested to see when you get to central America.
    I have also been to Alaska, can't wait to read your trip there, I'm going through all your posts.

  5. George, Did you notice we missed out Jackson Hole. We just decided that we did not want to be surrounded by more droves of tourists and know if we wanted to do it we could do it on the way down.

    1. Yea, It's a tourist trap. I once arrived in Jackson Hole at 11pm, couldn't find a room anywhere and campsites were all full, ended up paying $245 for me only in a honeymoon suite but it had a Jacuzzi in the room :-)