Wednesday, 5 June 2013

180 Great Falls

Tuesday 4th June 2013 |Miles Today 170  Total 6934

Today we were up early and on the road to Great Falls, where the Yamaha dealer is.  It was a pretty wet and damp journey and very cold.  We were in very open plains to begin with and the wind was bitter.  We saw loads of deer and antelope again, and then we saw a bald eagle in a field.  The picture is not great, but here is proof we saw one reasonably up close.  It's mate was across the road, watching it getting bombarded by smaller birds.

The weather resumed normal service but in fairness we were 8000 feet up a mountain.

We did not get the camera out at the time but it was snowing as well. Bliss....

The rivers were in full flow too. There has been some crap weather here.

After what seemed an age we arrived at the Yamaha dealer, only to realize that not only had we got broken spokes, the rim of the wheel had lost a piece too.  Our rear tyre is looking very warn in places as well.  We had previously booked our hotel, so Ray dropped me off, whilst he went back to the dealer and decided what we needed to do, and what was actually feasible.  It looks like we might be here for a couple more days.

Ray had a chat with the dealer this afternoon and we are getting the wheel rim, spokes and tyre replaced. It is going to hurt financially but it is a very critical component bearing in mind how much weight we are carrying. The rim is coming from Japan and will be here Thursday morning !  

We finished the day doing the washing, finding a better hotel, (it is amazing how the same chain varies from state to state), this one is not good, yet we'd had a lovely room last night with the same chain and catching up with e-mails, etc.

It is really a big slow down after the wonderful two days we had in Yellowstone Park.  What a fabulous place and a must on your to do list.

Wednesday 5th June
Minimal mileage, just changing hotels.

We have moved to a little motel nearer the Yamaha dealer.  It is called Ski's Western Motel.  It is cheaper and adequate.  We are here today and tomorrow.  Ray is going off to see if he can get Wallace washed and then we might go and do some sight seeing.

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