Sunday, 23 June 2013

188 Dawson City

Saturday 22nd June 2013 Miles Today   223  Total  9767
Today we set off further up the Klondike Highway towards Dawson City. It was a long and boring drudge. The odd thing is that we have become desensitized by the beauty of this country and unless it is particularly striking it has now become boring. The other small niggling thing is that there were virtually no animals to be seen bar a vixen and 2 cubs.
Still we took some piccys of the journey and here they are.

The view of the Yukon River from out cabin window.

And the cabin itself. Simple but adequate.

We haven't identified this one yet !

This was the view for most of the journey. Hence my comments above.

A beaver dam. Fortunately not actually damming !

We Eventually arrived at Dawson City on the banks of the Klondike river. This river had been completely ripped apart by huge gold panning machines that just left huge piles of stones that can se seen below. The whole valley floor is like this.

The Klondike river was decimated.
We entered the town and it was like going back in time. Most of the buildings are just fronts with a tin hut of some sort behind it. Unfortunately this included out hotel, which incidentally was the last available one in town.

The Midnight Sun Hotel. We took this photo at around 11:30pm so it is close.
The Main Street. It could have been the wild west if the cars were removed.
We were told to go to "Gerties". On arrival it turned out to be 'Diamond Tooth Gerties', a Can Can and casino establishment. It was brilliant. It was straight out of the cowboy. gold rush era

3 out 4 ain't bad.

Karen seemed to think this would be a good idea. You can see why I don't gamble. Odds of 4 to 1 on and I still lost. Still mustn't grumble, I have an understanding wife.

Having never gambled I have no idea what is going on here.

The atmosphere was brilliant. Unfortunately a lot of people left when the dancing girls finished. I can't think why.

Tomorrow we will have another wander around town and then get the ferry across the Yokon River and then it is a short trip back into Alaska.

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