Monday, 1 July 2013

193 Back to Tok

Sunday 30th June  Miles Today  255   total  11461

We enjoyed our 2nd night in the cabins and got up ready for our trek back to Tok.  It was really cold going through the pass and the clouds were down covering the hills and the glacier.   

We stopped a couple of times to get more layers on and then, someone turned the switch, and the sun came out and we stopped to take the layers off. We stopped by a beautiful lake and I made us some lunch. 

Karen sorting lunch
One funny incident happened whilst here, we were approached by an American guy, who on seeing we were British, went on to praise the RAF for bombing the airport in the Falklands, back in 1982. (He was a big fan of the Vulcan bomber)  Only to be so excited to find out that Ray had been a sapper there and had filled in the hole,  you really do not know who you are going to meet.

Again, we stopped at Glenallen and refueled.  There are not that many roads for alternate journeys, and then hit the Tok road.   Again very pleasant scenery, but it was all about doing the miles.

Towards the end of our journey, having not seen much wildlife, I spotted 3 lumps in a marsh area.  I made the mistake of mentioning to Ray and before I could say, 3 moose, we had dived down a dirt track, abandoned the bike, and armed with bear spray and the camera, trekked through the undergrowth for these pictures.  I hope you appreciate our efforts.

These things are huge and our first big male.

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