Wednesday, 3 July 2013

194 The route to Haines.

Monday 1st July 2013 Miles Today 294  Total  11,755

Imagine the scene, there we are, just climbed into our sleeping bags, it is half past midnight and still light (as it always is here !) and I lean across to Karen, take her hand in a romantic gesture and then grab it tight so she cannot pull away and I give her the pinch punch first day of the month. Oh Yes !!!, it’s not often I win this contest but today, victory is mine ! Karen states I will pay for this.
Today is Canada day so for any of you Canucks that read this, Happy Canada Day!
For us it was a get up and go day, to take a big bite out of the long trip to Haines prior to catching the ferry on Thursday. As you can see we managed nearly 300 leaving us just 150 for tomorrow.
Well, we set off along a fairly boring road. Bearing in mind, a boring road here is not like a boring road in the UK. We have become de-sensitised to the views and if we think it is good then it is very good.

After 90 miles we cross the Canadian border and are asked the same mundane questions: “Are you terrorists”, “Do you have any nukes in your panniers”. The customs officer then floored us with “so how is the Queen then”. Our reply, “OK but her hubby isn’t too well”. What else could we say. He let us in anyway. We wished him Happy Canada day and we were off.
From here on in the road was rubbish. It was potholed and there were so many big settlement dips that it was like riding in a rodeo (OK slight exaggeration) but one bump caught us unawares and jarred both our backs. We are OK but it was sore at the time.
On the good side, the closer we got to Haines Junction, the better the scenery got. It was amazing, we spotted this fellow, our first Bear since leaving Canada 10 days ago.

We have a soft spot for these brutes. (Black bear)

Incidentally, Haines Junction exists as it is, yes you guessed it, the turn off junction for Haines. Villages are so sparse here that most sizeable villages are around 100 miles apart and whist travelling along the road, you meet the same people stopped at several places along route. It is more of a mobile social event. Like these guys who we met 6 times in the space of 200 miles. They eventually invited us to stay with them in Seattle.

Dunno, Dia, Spencer, Vern and Mike

We also passed this little son of Nippon. He has just started a 3 year world tour on his push bike. We initially passed him pushing it uphill into a strong headwind. He then caught us up at a cafe/bar. His eyes lit up when he saw Wallace and he ran over to it and pointed at the YAMAHA sign shouting “Japan”. Good chap, has lots of taste. His name was something like Jo-Ho and he is barking mad.

Small ut extremely hard, with Kev, another 1/2 hour chat.

The last 60 miles from Destruction City, (yes that is it’s real name) , a village of about 10 houses and a damn good bar, was the most spectacular.

Then it was find the campsite, set up the tent, go for a carry out lasagne and write the blog before hitting the sack – literally.

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