Saturday, 13 July 2013

200 Vancouver Island

Thursday 11th July 2013 Miles Today  133  Total  13559

Last nights campsite was pants. We seemed to put oin the leper spot with all the RV's (motorhomes on plush grass and we were placed in the dark woods on dirt. We were not amused. Anyway we went out for a bit of dinner and once the landlady of the bar saw Wallace and asked us about our trip she bought us our beer. It was only one drink each but it was a nice touch.

The next day we set off for the resort area of the island, a place called Tofino. The trip up there was very pretty and when s=we stopped for a break we saw this little chap. A Stellers Jay. Like most Jays, he was very brave and was eating blueberries off the table next to us.

 The route to Tofino follwed a gorge for some og=f the way and the views were spectacular.

We found our next campsite, a bit expensive but worth it for the location, location, location.

Sunset on the beach in front of our tent.

Our campsite viewed from the beach

The boss sorting out dinner.

The resort had lots of youngsters and they had a beach party and lit a fire on the beach. Can you imagine the loony lefties letting that happen in the UK.


Friday 12th July 2013 Miles Today 5 Total  13564

Today was a deliberate chill out day. Well, Karen chilled out,  I worked on Wallace, he needed a good bath and some serious TLC. Actually, this is my kind of chill out so we were both happy.

After sorting the bike I went into town and had a haircut and got some beer for the Ging Gang Goolie around the camp fire later. 

This Robin ( a lot larger that the British version) decided to sun himself not more that 8 feet from where we sat.

The sun shone all day although it was not that warm

I decided to go for a swim in my T shirt. I got to my calf depth and the water temperature bought me to my senses.
And here we are, Ging Gang Goolie in full swing.

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