Sunday, 7 July 2013

197 More Marine Highway

Friday 5th July 2013 Miles Today 235 total  12,413

A slow start and a hearty ships breakfast and we were soon at the port of Ketchikan. We made enquirers regarding Esther and were informed that she had arrived. That made us a bit happier. Ketchikan is another place with no connecting roads. However, there were dozens of small float plane and they were taking off all over the place.

Whilst we were waiting to dock, Ro made a call to a local tour company and we booked a flight on a float plane over the mountains and lakes in the area. Wohoo...

Whilst waiting for the flight, these things were all over the place.

So then it was on the plane and off. Another life box ticked.

The scenery was breathtaking.

After the flight it was time for posing with the pilot, Clark, and his plane.

Again, the Eagles were everywhere, for us it was unbelievable.

We then parted company with Ro & Si and went to do some shopping (after a pint of course). We ordered a cab and this darling lady turned up. She is 83 and is happily married to a 63 year old toyboy. Sadly she had just buried one of her sons who died at 52. This place is jam packed with serious characters. I suppose it goes with the territory, for 9 months of the year they are snow bound and get around on snowmobiles and aircraft with ski's on.

It was then back on the ferry for a short night and a very early get off in the morning.

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