Thursday, 3 October 2013

237 Resting up in San Antonio

Monday 30th September 2013
Miles Today 88  Total  23,426
We did very little today.  Ray went to see about getting a chip on his bike up dated, and I did the chores,  took me all of ten minutes.  On Ray's return, he had decided not to do the upgrade and so we went out and did a bit of shopping, had a meal and then crashed out.

Tuesday 1st October 2013.
Miles Today 18  Total  23,444
Today was go through our luggage again, throwing out some things and posting a load back to Britain. We spent quite a while in the post office and then had dinner and went to the cinema. This time we watched Wolverine, it was different!
Another early night.  Tomorrow we are off on the bike for a tour up to Fredricksburg, a little town with a very German flavour.

Wednesday 2nd October 2013
Miles Today 131  Total 23,575
After a lazy start we set off for Fredricksburg. The 65 mile trip only took an hour and once there we looked for the best German looking restaurant. We found the 'Altdorf', which translates to Old Village. It was nice and had a German Menu along with some German beers. Sadly, no currywurst. I was dirtort.... but I'll get over it - slowly - and had to settle for bratwurst.

The Altdorf restaurant,
We then had a wander around the town and even more bad news, the Octoberfest doesn't start for 2 days by which time we will be almost in Mexico. The town did not have the flavour we were expecting but it was still nice. It lacked the ambiance of Solvang.
Some parts were in German style but not many.

One attraction the town does have is the National War in the Pacific Museum. It is the USA's shrine to the attack at Pearl Harbour that dragged the US into World War 2. The museum was well worth a visit and we left it too late in the day to do it justice. Never the less, it was very informative and some parts bought tears to our eyes.

The Museum detailed the 1920s depression and the Japanese nations rationale for attacking the US fleet. It then followed the course of the war up to the point of Japan's surrender following the dropping of the atom bomb on Nagasaki.

One of the 5 Japanese submarines captured at Pearl Harbour.

Model of the USS Tennessee

After PH the Americans took the was back to Japan with these bombers. Many never came back.

Because of these anti aircraft guns.

The last word in weapons. A model of 'Little Boy'. An atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

After the museum shut at 5pm, along with the rest of the town we headed off back to San Antone.

Tomorrow we set off for Corpus Cristi and Rockport on the Gulf of Mexico to meet up with Dallara.

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