Friday, 25 October 2013

247 Chichen Itza and on to Cancun

Tuesday 22nd October 2013
Miles today  343 Total 25,809

The view from our balcony in Palenque

A long haul today due to the hotel in Cancun being booked already, there is nowhere in between to stay and we needed to make haste.

It was a long and boring ride....

Yes, thts Karen's Kindle attached to the back of my jacket.
 Until we found this little oasis....

Beer, sea, sand and sunshine......

 We were joined by this little fellow.

We arrived at our days destination, Merida and went in search of a hotel. At the same time, the heavens opened up and dropped a big lake on our heads. We found a hotel that was ridiculously overpriced but the weather forced our hand.

Wednesday 23rd October 2013
Miles today  216 Total 26,025

We checked out of hotel costalot and drove via the local Yamaha shop to get some service bits, oil and a filter.

We then drove 80 miles to a village called Piste. It's only claim to fame is that it is adjacent to another Mayan settlement called Chichen Itza.

The village church in Piste
The outside of the Mayan settlement is a bit ostentatious and is surrounded by people with their hands out for one reason or another. To start with I had to pay 22 Pesos to park Wallace, the same as a car. Grrrrr.

Photo Sir,  Photo...

Then we went to the ticket counter and paid 128 Pesos each. 71 as Tax to the national government and 57 to the local state government. We then had a quick snack (breakfast at 1pm actually !)  before turning up at the turnstiles armed with our 128 Peso tickets. Needless to say we were refused entry as we did not have the correct ticket. We were then shown to another kiosk where we had to show then we had paid the tax before we could purchase a ticket to actually enter. After handing over another 125 Pesos each and collecting yet another ticket, we were let in. So far we have not even seen a stone and have shelled out the massive sum of £26.  I would be a lot less fed up if they had just asked for it in one lump instaed of queueing up again and again.  (He has a Grumpy T shirt for a reason)!

Once inside there were more hands held out, fortunately, this time with gifts, or more correctly, articles for sale. There was some serious crap here but some good stuff too.

These stalls lined the route everywhere.
 Finally some assembled stones. Another Tomb Raider film set. I liked those films, not because they were any good but because they had Angelina Jolie playing Lara Croft.

 I know it is a bit corny, but there is something a bit special about buying something that has been hand made and to see the guys actually doing it in front of you.

Anyway, after I finished fantasising over Ms Joilie we set off again for the last 130 miles to  Cancun. We set off and followed the signs for the  motorway and in true Mexican style the signs ran out and we were dumped on the old slow road for the full 130 miles. It was a nightmare. Every couple of miles there was a village and each village had the regulation 4 speed humps and we were slowed to 10mph for about a mile each time. The journey took forever and was interrupted by the now regular storm.

We finally arrived in Cancun just after dark and during the evening rush hour. It was a nightmare and we were glad to finally get to the hotel at around 7pm. 

The place looked a bit shabby but adequate. We booked in and whilst doing so the hotel owner said, "Room only, yes". "No, all inclusive". It turns out that we screwed the booking up and to upgrade we had to shell out another £200 for the next 4 days. Oh well, our mistake, at least it is paradise. A very wet paradise, but paradise never the less.

We moved into our room, took a shower and then went to the restaurant for our "free" food and drink. Needless to say we ate as much as we could and drank as much crap spirits as we could fit in. The stuff was so weak that we were filled up with tonic before the gin and vodka made an impression.

Thursday 24th October 2013
Miles today  0 Total 26,025

We were awoken by the next passing thunderstorm. At around 6am the room was bathed in blinding light and the thunder clap almost helped our digestive system to finish its job off.  

Shorts and T shirts on and down to breakfast. It was an interesting mix and it is apparent that we are embroiled in the next cold war with guess who.....

"Hash Browns"

We are completely surrounded by Russians. Nice enough though they are, it was something we were not expecting. 

 The wildlife is different here. There are lots of large lizards here, they are about 3 feet long. Also there are nocturnal rodents that look like a cross between a very large mouse and a hedgehog. No pictures so far.

Our hotel, the low one not the tower block behind. Check out the palm trees in the wind.

We mentioned the wet paradise. The weather is very warm and is around 30C all the time bit the wind is strong and constant. When it rains it is biblical. This is a view from the hotel along the beach towards other hotels. One when clear and the other 10 minutes later in the rain.

Before the rain.

Where did they go ??

At 7pm we went  to a pre booked "free" Thai meal where the chef cooked a full Thai meal for 8 of us on a hot plate in front of us. There were 4 Russians, 2 Mexicans and us. As the food was served up the Mexicans and us waited for us all to be served and the Russians just got on with it. Different strokes for different folks.
The funny thing was, one of the Russian women feigned a tummy problem and did not eat most of the food. They left the Thai restaurant first and when we walked past them in the main restaurant, they, including tummy woman, were tucking into another meal. They like to get their moneys worth. 


  1. I like your beautiful image.I want to know more about 247 Chichen Itza and on to Cancun so please give the details on that. If you want to take the snap over cancun through nasttransfers just have look on that.

    1. Rupert, we left Cancun almost a month ago and are now well South of that as per our last post. What exactly do you want to know more about ??
      Could you be more specific please.