Monday, 21 October 2013

245 Coatzacoalcos and on to Palenque

Friday 18th October 2013
Miles today  0 Total 25,231

Our bellies joint decisions to work over and above the call of duty kept us near to a loo for the day so we just stayed in the hotel room and watched telly. 

Saturday 19th October 2013
Miles today  7 Total 25,238

The loo was still our best friend but needs must so the mission for the day was to try and find a bank (ATM). Fortunately we were successful. Karen had been having issues with her card being refused whereas mine was accepted under the same circumstances. As you can imagine, in the situation we are in, that made us very nervous. However, it turned out to be a compatibility glitch and the card was fine. Apparently some places tried to process it as a credit card, which it isn't. 

Why can't we play with guns like this in the UK. The guy in front even has a grenade launcher under his gun. Just imagine how useful that would have been on the streets of Hackney.

In the evening we tempted fate and went out for some chicken wings. It was the first small but substantial food we have managed felt like eating. We were not however, completely ill, we still managed a couple of beers. We did have to replace our fluids. That is our excuse and we are sticking to it. Actually, this sounds bad but we have been cooped up drinking water for days and we needed a change.

Wallace sunbathing outside the bar.

There was a lot of flotsam and jetsam in the sea. They have had a few bad tornadoes in the area recently and this is the result.

The beaches were equally covered in dead foliage.

Previous tornadoes have dumped rubbish all along the beach. Our hotel in the background.

Sunday 20th October 2013
Miles today  218 Total 25,456

Having previously booked a hotel in Cancun, we had to get some mileage underneath us and had no choice but to set off today. Fortunately our bellies had settled enough for us to risk the 200 mile/4 hour drive to Palenque.

One of the many rivers transporting storm debris out to sea.

One of the things that has become very apparent is the change in climate and foliage. Since coming down to sea level from 8000 feet, we are now in the jungle, with the only clear areas being where farmers have cleared for crops and grazing. There are bananas growing beside the road and the foliage in the rain forest now has very broad leaves, many of which are used for roofing materials. On top of this the air has become very humid. The temperature has settled to around 30C (86F) but it feels much hotter and we are permanently sweaty. Nice isn't it !
On top of that the sky is now almost permanently (so far anyway) semi cloudy and rain is always nearby. Since arriving in Palenque this afternoon we have had 2 thunder storms.

One of today's storm cells growing.

We arrived at Palenque, booked into the 'Best Western' and went out for some proper food. The first proper food we have had for a few days and it was delicious. We are in Palenque to visit our first Mayan Temple. More on that tomorrow.
We are currently tracking hurricane 'Raymond' off the southern coast of Mexico (strange that the last one that caused us a problem was called 'Karen'). It looks as though we have just ridden away from the area that it will effect. Fingers crossed.

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  1. WOW WOW WOW Love the cloud pics and that the hurricanes are named after you is amazing lol