Thursday, 10 October 2013

240 On to Zacatecas

Tuesday 8th October 2013
Miles Today  305 Total 24,515

We booked out of the Hotel at 12noon. (The hotels here are more lax on their timings.)
We set the sat nav up to go to Zacatecas but unfortunately the mapping in this part of the world is not as up to date as the UK/US and a new road that I intended to use was not on it. Not really a problem, I will just let it get me out of Monterrey. I set it to take me to the next town, Saltilla. 
A view from the Monterrey Hotel

We set off and it took me along some main roads that were clearly marked for Saltilla. The route took us onto the overhead highway system and then the signs stopped and the sat nav was no help either. We clocked up about 15 miles and lost 1 hour just driving round and round  in circles. Eventually I just took back roads and escaped Monterrey. After yesterdays debacle I was pretty fed up (I'm being polite here).
A street entertainer wandering around in the traffic. He played the flute like a 2 year old.

So now its after 1pm, it gets dark at 7:30, we have almost 300 miles to go and there are no good motels till Zacatecas. 
We were not hanging about but this guy left us standing.

One of the many garlic stalls at the roadside. AJO, pronounced AHO is garlic.

Each new horizon we drove over presented us with another view like this. A 250 mile straight road.

Nearly there.
It was a long and tedious ride with only short stops for fuel. When we finally arrived at Zacatecas, we found a hotel, the Hotel Parador, at around 7pm we were seriously sore and tired. We booked in and after collapsing on the bed to rest we went to dinner. We both had a sirloin steak and 2 beers each. Total cost  £16. It was then to the bar and bed.

Wednesday 9th October 2013
Miles  Today 0  Total 24,515

After a late, 11am breakfast, and with the best intentions in the world of going out and visiting the town all we accomplished was watching a lot of TV. There were 2 reasons for this, one being that we were still tired and the other being that the UK Police contacted my daughter Trula to get in touch with me regarding my previous work. This has put a damper on us as the last time it happened we were called back 2000miles from Turkey to act as a witness and we were nowhere near compensated for it. We just hope it does not happen again. 
No it is not De Ja Vu. A view from the Zacatecas hotel.

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  1. Arr Sorry Mum & Dad :-( I hope things get better for you. Love you loads x