Friday, 8 October 2010

22 A better day

Thursday 7th

From now on all posts by Ray will be in blue - unless we cock it up that is ;-)

Strangely enough, both Ray and I had slept.  We were up early and showered and stowed away ready to go and collect our boy.

 (Ray – Karen found the French unisex shower cubicles interesting – showering next to a Dutch guy in the same room.)
We were in a good spot on the campsite, but unfortunately for us and the size of Lizzy, we were stuck fast on the mud.  We spent ages with me running around putting non slip mats in front of the wheels and Ray desperately trying to get onto the path, unfortunately when we did get to the path, we had perfect slick tyres so we ended up going nowhere, much to the amusement of some of the other MH people.  (Theirs were little MH's and boring,.... and they have to sit outside on their deck chairs in the bad weather) that's my opinion anyway, but as it turned out, the guy behind us who was from Holland (Ray – Karens new shower buddy !), moved out and I supervised, whilst Ray reversed, maneuvered, did tree surgery and kicked mud, ready for new grass seeds to be planted, (we are always happy to assist) we finally got free to go and rescue Leon.

Down back in town, we were back in the supermarket car park.  Ray and I got faster and faster on the walk to the surgery, to see hopefully if  we could pick him up.  The receptionist, as we stated that we were here to collect him, did that "oh, raise the eyebrow, scare me to death", type of look, now I'm expecting bad news look, that both Ray and I thought the worst, however after a couple of minutes the vet came out and took us through to see our boy.  (Girls this is a note for you, this man was gorgeous, French, I know, but he looked after Leon, (tall dark, handsome, with an accent), Magnifique......ohheohheohee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow will do.

(Ray – Whaaaat ?)

Anyway from the previous comments you will know by now that Leon, was good.  He didn't like my new choice of hero, but he was looking loads better. He hissed and tried to look really tough as the vet picked him up, but once he realized Ray and I were there, he completely changed. Whatever the translation, they looked after Leon brilliantly, he came back to Lizzy, and straight away he had a little bit of food and a pee and slept.  Although he looks a bit different, and it is shocking, he is still beautiful and he was back looking to get outside by the end of the day.  The three musketeers are back on the road again.

On a couple of hairpin bends, they had to undercut the cliff face to make enough space....
 (Ray) We drove for hours.  At 7pm we are just past Perpignan parked up in a civilized service area. By civilized, I mean one that actually welcomes you to stay overnight and accommodates accordingly. For example, an area specially set out just for caravans/motor homes to park up in peace away from the transiting cars and lorries and picnic style tables and chairs all laid out inviting you to eat your own food if desired. I have to say that as a Brit, I have always been the stereo typical "we all hate the French" type of ignoramus, but now, after only a few days of having been treated very well and also seeing how the French treat their own people, kind of like everyone looking after each other, I have changed my opinion. Am I finally growing up, God I hope not.

Leon surprised us both, he was subdued when we collected him but as soon as he got back into the familiar surroundings of  Lizzy, he sharpened up and immediately took some food and had a pee. Whilst at the vets, he had not eaten at all. He slept most of the journey up in the loft above the driving seat and when we finally parked up he came out of Lizzy for a short walk with us. He is still very, unsurprisingly, nervous of the outside world, we do not know what actually happened to him and can only speculate between being run over (unlikely due to the location) or being attacked by another animal. He has not yet got used to his 1” tail, instead of the previous steady swish, it now twitches from side to side. I suppose it will settle down when he gets used to it.
Anyway, 10km to the Spanish border, we intend to find a campsite at a place called Blanes on the Mediterranean sea, it’s just past Lorret del mar and 50km north of Barcelona, for those of you that know that area. We have found (in the camping book) a place that is open all year and will likely spend a week there and if we like it, we may stay longer.

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