Tuesday, 12 October 2010

25 When is it going to end...

Tue 12th. 
Another long night of rain pelting down on Lizzys roof being driven horizontal by gale force winds.
The Surf has calmed down somewhat so the flooding is at least fresh water (mixed in with salt spray).

This is a piccy of the weather system as photographed by our friendly robots named "Geo" and "Stationary" up high in the sky where Neptune and Thor have no influence. 

We are sat at the point of the arrow and that large white blob that surrounds us has been going around and around over our heads for 3 days so far. 

What I cannot figure out is, what did we do to deserve this ?

Everywhere we go to chase some sunshine, the opposite happens. Everywhere we have been rained on in this photo is currently basking in sunshine. 

For Gods sake - we are in Spain - what the f--- is going on ?????

Thor, when I get up there we are gonna have serious words !

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