Thursday, 14 October 2010

26 Finally - respite from the rain

Wednesday 13th
Another 12 hour rain session. 7pm to 7am. What a long night !
At about midday the sun finally started to filter through so decided to go for a cycle ride into town.
I uncovered the pushbikes and saw that the sea air had rusted the discs very badly. I spent about an hour cleaning the rust off and then we rode into town in our shorts and T shirts.
The promenade was under several inches of sand that had been thrown up by the surf and the diggers were shovelling it back into the sea.

We rode around in the weak sunshine eventually found a place to eat on the promenade.
We had just got our food and guess what, it started to rain......luverly. Fortunately we were under a canopy.
We then rode home whilst stopping off at a bar en route.
On arrival at the campsite, it was in complete darkness. All the communal lighting had been turned off. Fortunately we have lights on our bikes but we are the only people on the campsite and there are a lot of empty caravans still  here - some wrapped in clingfilm or under tarpaulins for the winter.
It is very spooky, all we can hear is the crashing of waves on the beach - not as loud as previously fortunately. The weather report is good for tomorrow but in all honesty, their forecasters are crap compared to those in the UK.

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