Friday, 8 October 2010

23 Into Spain

Friday 8th
We all slept well again, and were ready to move on reasonably early.  Ray had been intrigued by an old coach, which was turned into a MH with a large trailer on the back, and in true Ray form, he ended up speaking to the German man who owned it.  I will let Ray tell all.

Purpose built bus/motorhome and odd looking trailer

(Ray) It’s a funny fact of life, but what realy makes us what we are are the differences and the similarities between us. Today I met a similar (read worse) nut case to myself. As Karen states above I spoke to a guy in what I thought was a converted coach but turned out to be a purpose, one of conversion by the coach manufacturer, “Setra”, who make lots of European buses. This German guy, called Frank for short,  drives this bus all over Europe as a home and a toy hauler. On the back he had a very odd looking trailer (see pic) that intrigued a moron such as myself. Whilst I was putting out the rubbish he was out in his dressing gown and me being the nosey little sod that I am asked him what he had in it.
Frank replied, “Guess”, OK…”sports car”, “Quad bikes”, “Jet skiis”. No was the reply, you will never get it. How about a helicopter, ……or more correctly a gyrocopter.  A WHAAAAT…..yep…. a gyrocopter. Being the nosey little sh!t that I am I asked for a look. He opened up one side door on the trailer and sure as James Bond is 007, there it was, a bright yellow gyrocopter.

I have never seen one in the flesh and was intrigued. We spent the next half an hour talking about flying licences, take off speeds and all sorts of anorack stuff that I like. He made me laugh with his comment to Karen (when I dragged her over for a look) about boys never growing up and their toys getting more expensive (pointing at Wallace hanging off ther back of Lizzy). The man was a an old bearded nut case and I loved him.

We were in Spain pretty much for lunch time, and the ladies of the night were back out on the road.

We were trying to get a picture of them for the blogg and I was being very discreet as Ray did a little detour off themain road, (he wasn’t supposed to but tomtom keeps getting it wrong), anyway, there I am camera almost hidden and we come to a stop at a stop line right infront of them, the fact that we’ve stopped makes them look up, and then the flash went off, we stayed there waiting to get into the main road again, but by now the whole world and his wife were travelling, in separate cars, so we were there for ages, and I could see them discussing something, I’m sure it was something similar to “ we could be in for something kinky with these two and flash photography, or quick call the police and take their index number,” Whichever it was, I couldn’t get under the dash board quick enough.  What we do to entertain you…..
Bad photo. We spent about a minute waiting to get out of a junction whilst she was watching us having seen our flash go off. Karen was trying to climb into the footwell to hide her embarrassment.

We eventually found a lovely campsite on the beach in Blanes, pronounced Blahness.  It is near Llorett de mar which is one of the first places Ray and I went on holiday together, aahh.
It doesent get much better than this...

Leon is starting to settle down now and has started to go outside but not very far at present.
Karen says I can't call him "Stumpy" but I can think it can't |I.
We are set to stay here for a week, just so we can let Leon, and ourselves to some extent, recoup and do housework on the   MH.  And guess what, here we are in sunny Spain, and it’s forcast to rain for the next three days, yeah. Today is warm and windy, but we took out the pedal cycles and cycled around the town.

This one is for Mum - a hairdressers in town (Karens Mums name)

Most of it is shut for the season, but we managed to get some food cooked by a Glaswegian. Having been the only people in our site when we arrived, on returning after our trip it is full of Spanish people, all out for some fiesta which will last till Tuesday. Quiet it isn’t.

(Ray) Er ...actually ...No.. all we can hear is the crashing of waves on the beach 10m away. He  he he

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