Monday, 11 October 2010

24 We love bad weather - at least God thinks we do...

The last 3 days Sat/Sun/Mon 9th to 11th have been a bit damp. We have had a tropical tornado pass slowly by. 

Sat 9th. 
The weather was not too bad but we just sat in Lizzy, read books and played on the computers and just generally took life easy. That night we had a mother and father of a storm with lightning and thuinder crashing all around us. It was quite surreal in Lizzy with the whole place lighting up beside the blinds being down and the thunder claps felt like trees landing on the roof.

Sun 10th. 
The next morning the place was awash and the beach (to our right) starting to suffer....

The quiet, serene, setting on the previous post had gone and the sea was starting to get rough.
 This is just in front of Lizzy.

The beach (to our left) was realy being eroded....

  We are parked on this beach !

Mon 11th. 
The next morning we were starting to get concerned.....
The weather was improving fast but the eye of the storm was now in the Med and the sea was getting rougher.
The beach had eroded for about 10m on our right. The plumbing was all exposed and King Neptune had taken the fence for his garden and presumably some of the pipework for his new toilet.

Some of the waves had reached to within 3m of Lizzy, see the grass pushed between the kerbs.

Unpreterbed by the potential of King Neptune adding Lizzy to his expanding garden, we showered and jumped on Wallace and drove through the sea flooded campsite and off to a small place called Lloret de Mar, where we had one of our first holidays some 10 odd years ago.
By now the weather had changed to bright warm sunshine and we rode to Lloret in our shorts and T shirts.
On arrival we had a nostalgic walk around and came accross this pretty looking church.

Karen found a palm print of her late hero, Colim McRae, in a paving slab next to the beach. This was from when he won the Rally Catalunya in 2000.

My hero,he is the reason I am a petrol head.

We then decided to do what we do best and found a bar on the beach for a little lubrication.

Karen then decided it would be a good idea to go for a paddle. I decided to let her, thinking that paddling on a 4 feet surf just isn't going to work.
I was right (for a change I hear you think).
Karen was doing all right in the lee of the surf. Things changed when the first wave came in. I missed the shot but even I got wet - she got soaked, even her bra got wet - it was going to be a cold ride home.
I chuckled - a lot.

We then decided to go find some grub and went for a short stroll around with Karen dripping wet (he he). We found a small Tapas bar. The food was simple but tasted great. 
It was then time for home so we fired up Wallace and headed for home with a stop at the supermaket on the way. 

On arrival at home we saw this...the camping sight to our right was disapearing fast. Our campsite owners had the foresight to place large rocks as breakers in front of their bit of beach. We may keep Lizzy yet.

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  1. OMG i love this weather, bet the storm was the best lol and look you can see the tree roots! Awsome :-)