Wednesday, 17 April 2013

140 Escape from New York

Tuesday 16th April  Miles Today 62 Total 78
After our rather raucous goodbyes to New York last night, we were both very quiet this morning.  We managed to get everything fitted into the bags and fixed up on Wallace.  There was alot of interest from the passers by and we eventually got on the road just after 11am.
An hour later we were still driving around New York trying to find a route our, north towards Boston. Some of you may think that after the bombs going off, that this is a bit foolhardy, but we have tickets for Fleetwood Mac on Thursday, and from listening to the news it would seem that the authorities are thinking it may be some American with a grudge rather than some outside terrorist group. It is awful that the bomb claimed the life of an 8 year old boy, his mother is in a critical condition with a brain injury and his little sister has had a leg amputated and may lose the other one. Two other young females were also killed.

Loaded and about to set off

Well we continued looking for a road, this is all because the satnav was not charging on the bike and also our intercom systems were not working, which wasn't a bad thing as I couldn't hear Ray swearing.  We eventually stopped at a garage and I got a map, found the route whilst Ray tried to fix the electric. He wasn't able to, but at least we got back on the road and were heading in the right direction.  It got to about 3pm and we hadn't eaten in all our excitement to get away, so we pulled off of the interstate and drove into a little town called Fairfield in Connecticut.  It is very pretty and we found a little sports bar for something to eat. Obviously our attire attracted some interest and the locals all started chatting to us.  It turns out we had found the bar where all the fire department and police officers hangout, so we ended up in quite a lively chat. One of them, a fireman named Jim, gave us some good routes to take and places to visit.  We ended up booking into a hotel in Fairfield so that Ray can try to find out what is wrong with the bike.  He discovered that it is a relay switch, which he got new just before we left Britain, thankfully it is easy to replace so once we get one in the morning, we are heading off along the coast road to a little place called Newport.

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