Wednesday, 24 April 2013

147 Entering Canada

Tuesday 23rd April 2013   Miles today 125 Total 940

Today we set off for Canada but via the slow route. A couple had told us of a ferry that would cut about 50 miles off our journey. Fortunately it was along our intended route. Unfortunately, when we arrived we had a wait for the boat. About 7 days. It was not due to start running till the 1st of May.
Wot, no boat...

We then started on the 50 mile detour. It included this bridge.

Canada here we come...

The Canadian customs officer was funny. He was reading our number plate via a camera. He asked where the bike was registered (US and Canadian ones have the state above the number) and his face was a picture when we told him England.

Then we were in Ontario Canada.
Canada here we are..

We followed the top of lake Ontario along until we had had enough. This was at a place called Picton. We found a motel and went for a walk to get something to eat. We also popped into a bank to use the ATM and guess what, the banknotes have the queen on them.

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Tomorrow it is Toronto. 

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