Thursday, 18 April 2013

141 Rhode Island

Wednesday 17th April  Miles Today 129 Total 207
We loaded up Wallace and decided to try and get a new relay before we set off. I popped into the Lexus garage next door only to be told that Lexus ones do not go wrong so they are not stocked !  I was pointed to a nearby used car place and the guy had boxes of them loose and gave me exactly what I wanted for free. God I love America already, the people are just so friendly and lay back.

Anyway, once the relay was fitted we had communications back and the Sat Nav burst into life. Bliss. Then it was off towards Newport, Rhode Island. The first 80 miles was on the Interstate (a motorway) and was boring but then we turned off and it was like going back in time. The houses and scenery were fantastic, and so much space around them.

Streets were lined with remote house like this.

An old colonial style church

Even the general town houses were spaced and large.

Rhode Island was beautiful. The harbour area was just as you see in the films.
The bridge approaching Newport.

Like a scene from Jaws !

We stopped for a bite in the "Black Pearl" restaurant as advised by our Fire Chief the night before. The Clam chowder was a must and had been recommended.

Very quaint

Inside the restaurant
and up on the hillside behind it are a pile of old colonial mansions.

Statue of French General Rochambeau, who helped the Americans kick the Brits out.
I finished the evening off with a large bowl of clam chowder and Karen had lobster salad, delicious. We then retired to our hotel. The Jail House Inn.
One of the original jail doors inside the hotel. The building is "listed" and must keep them.

Outside the Jail House

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