Thursday, 25 April 2013

148 On to Toronto.

Wednesday 24th April 2013  Miles Today 143 Total 1083

What a horrible day. We decide to take the Interstate (motorway) into Toronto and this transpired to be a good idea.
We set off a bit later than usual as the motel had a cosy and popular restaurant that we had brunch in it. The weather was fine for a quick blast of highway.
The harbour outside our Motel room. Bathed in glorious sunshine.

The first 30 miles of normal, A type road were fine but just after we hit the interstate spots of rain started to hit my visor. Then it rained, and rained and rained. Once the rain finished, it pored, then the cats and dogs turned up.
We had a particularly bad down pour that was so heavy that the noise set off the microphones in our helmets. Then the song "Take the Weather with you" by Crowded House came through the headphones and we started laughing. It seems that since we retired we have always had bad weather regardless of what the norm is wherever we go. It is our curse.
There are now floods in the Lake Ontario region and more is forecast along with wintry showers tonight.  This is the reason we have no more photos today.

Instead I thought it would be a good time to show the route that we have covered so far. The red and Yellow are alternate days and the green was/is our intended route.

1083 miles so far....It's all South from here on in.
 We had pre-booked a budget hotel just West of Toronto for 2 nights to allow us a day touring the city.


  1. Ah, no offense, but ya may have the route a bit backwards... Starting in the South or Southwest in April and hitting the northern reaches during the summer months is always a better bet

  2. No problem. Our route was determined by the shipping entry point and the temperature in Alaska. We are on our way to Florida and then Chicago and then Alaska. The helpful guys on ADV warned me about going to AK too early so FL is use some of the calender up.