Saturday, 27 April 2013

149 Toronto City

Thursday 25th April Mileage Today Nil Total 1083
Today was a rest day - completely. Karen has a niggling shoulder pain that we tried to cure before leaving the UK, to no avail apparently. So, we decided to just rest today and watched TV all day.

Friday 26th April 2013 Mileage Today Nil Total 1083
We caught the bus towards town and finished the journey via a tube train. We got off about 2 miles from our intended destination, the CN Tower. WE walked down the street that divides the city into East and West, Yonge St, it is the oldest street in Toronto and has all the old shops and cafes along it along with the theater land part. As we approached the "Downtown" area we meandered past city hall and the oldest part of town.  It was a very odd mix of old and new.

Yonge Street looking South. Old and new mixed together.

We found an Indian buffet. It was good enough for the Indians too.

Th inside of the Easton Mall

The old City Hall

..and the new City Hall,

...with a statue of one of my personal heroes outside.

St Andrew's Church with CN Tower (the thin thing with the bulge in the middle) in the background.

We made it to the CN Tower and my bum was starting to pucker up. I have an illogical fear of heights, despite my sky diving/ parachuting past. Oh my God it was high. The tallest building in the Western World. Only beaten recently by a new building in Dubai.

Toronto airport from outer space (ish).

Mrs H. Not phased at all.

Looking down onto the roofs of sky scrapers was just weird.

 The CN Tower is actually a TV aerial that they decided to let people go up. About 2 million a year. The whole thing is just a big concrete post with a bulge near the top to walk on. Unlike the Empire State building. There is only air under the viewing deck as can be seen through this glass floor looking straight down.
A Glass floor. Oh my God.

The smile is through gritted teeth and hides the fear.

Just when I thought it was all over. Even the lift has a glass floor.

I was glad to be back on terra firma.

 We then went looking for a chemist for Karen's aching shoulder and went into an area of underground tunnels that the locals use during the winter when it is too cold and the summer when it is too hot. The tunnels, called "PATH", are about 28km long in total and the tunnels link all the main office blocks and retail centers.

The "PATH" as it is called.

The theater district.
Our journey finished with a tube and bus journey home.  Compared to London it was very painless.  We got back to the hotel at about 8pm and after dinner, packed up ready for an early start to Niagara Falls tomorrow.

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