Sunday, 28 April 2013

150 Niagra Falls

Saturday 27th April Miles Today  76  Total  1158

We set off for Niagra at around 11 and arrived at the falls at 1230. The falls were spectacular, the picture speak for themselves.

We went on this thing. $20 (about £13). Very touristy but is was actually a lot of fun and worth it too. Oh, and very wet.

And this is Karen modelling the latest in designer waterproof gear. A thin and daringly see through PVC cape over a Gerbing heated jacket and a pair of Hein Gerick thermal lined bikers trousers. The number is topped off with a pair of virtually solid, Mahmut, Gore Tex lined, mountaineering boots.

The American Falls

The capes came in useful
A pair of drips...

The sun made for some very pretty rainbows.

Another cheap motel, but adequate and comfy.
I took all the bags off the bike. Now, with no weight on the suspension, it was very high and felt like riding a Harley Davidson hard tail (no rear suspension). The guys who designed the rear shock got it spot on with the loaded weight setup. 

Another day, another high viewpoint. This time she took me on a mini version of the London Eye. A big Ferris wheel. It seems that no matter how many times I tell her I do not like heights, she just does not hear it !!
As the sun went down, the town came to life. Oh NO, Karaoke.....

The night atmosphere was very lively and friendly.

Finally, a view of the falls at night.

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